Uber / Grab Driver Drove with One Leg Up Also Kana Shamed Online


People nowadays would talk about the most trivial, irrelevant things, and make Mt Everest out of it.

One prime example is how Stomp operates. Sure, there are some things that deserve mention, but some, well, don’t really need to.

Anyway, a passenger was sitting behind on an assumed Private Hire car, and saw her driver being a tad bit ‘relaxed’ in his posture.

What does the passenger proceed to do?

Film and it and send it to a Social Media site lor.


In the video, the driver can be seen driving with one leg tucked beneath his other leg (which was used to step on the pedal). He’s only using one hand to pilot the steering wheel as well; the other hand was busy scratching his thigh.

They were conversing while the passenger filmed it, and the driver didn’t seem to be aware. The passenger even said that he was going for a mahjong session when he left.


In the caption of the video on the Facebook site, All Singapore Stuff wrote, “Netizen says this private hire driver too relaxed, put one leg up on the seat and lift both hands from the steering wheel!

This driver #DangerousDriving or netizen #Kaypoh?”

The video has since garnered over 94k views and 300 shares.


Apparently, not everyone shared the same sentiments as the passenger.

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Page
Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Page

The first commenter felt that the passenger was being over-sensitive.

The second and third ones felt that the driver was so relaxed because he was confident in his driving skills.

The fourth felt that the driver didn’t do anything extreme enough to be shamed online, and even added a satirical twist to it.

But of course, there were those that understood where the passenger was coming from.

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Page
Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Page

These two are evidently on the same line.

Image: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Page

While these two felt that the driver’s actions weren’t just sloppy, but a potential cause of danger.

According to my boss, you only need one leg to drive a car if it is an auto car. And according to my boss again, when he drove, he’s even more relaxed, so relaxed that he would be filmed thousands of times for being “too relaxed”.


And I don’t think it warrants a ‘public-shaming’ extravaganza. The driver seemed nice enough in the conversation, and he didn’t make any reckless maneuvers (at least in the video). Alright there’s the ‘lacklustre’ vibe the driver was projecting, but surely it wasn’t lacklustre enough to end up on the front page of the newspaper.

That’s just how I feel, though. What about you? Are Singaporeans taking online shaming too far?

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