UberFLASH Might Disappear Cuz Govt Still Reviewing Uber-ComfortDelgro Partnership


This might come as a flash of revelation (geddit? heh) but UberFLASH might not be here to stay.

Yes, despite the fact that we’re already happily using the service…

…it’s not official yet.

We’ve known previously that the government is pretty leery about the partnership between Uber and ComfortDelgro.

But when UberFLASH came out, I bet that just like us, you thought that’s a sign that the partnership is given the green light.

Well, guess what? It’s not.


The Competition Commision of Singapore (CCS) announced that they still have a few questions about the collaboration and will be studying the Uber-Comfort alliance further.

A brief introduction about Singapore’s very own competition agency

The Competition Commission of Singapore is responsible for ensuring there are no anti-competitive business practices in Singapore.

Image: sgsme.sg

Things like having an entire industry of suppliers fixing prices or agreeing to limit production to charge higher prices.

Their job is to catch these businesses and punish them. In other words, they’re the policeman for businesses.

Singapore competition agency unsure if Uber-Comfort alliance will create unfair competition

Image: tnp.sg

With the Uber-Comfort tie-up, they’re concerned that there is price fixing between competitors. Like charging higher for a service to make consumers go for other options.

They’re also looking to see if ComfortDelgro will continue their flat fare service with no surge-pricing.

Another factor they’re worried about is reducing the number of players within the industry. This might lead to a consolidation of power for said players and consumers having fewer choices to choose from.

CCS will be studying if street-hailing and phone booking services are badly affected by the move.

And if UberFLASH really brings about a shorter waiting time for riders like they promised.

Depending on what they find, UberFLASH might be dissolved in a…well…flash.

The Uber-ComfortDelgro Partnership won’t be finalised until as late as July 2018

CCS has requested for both companies to furnish them with more information about the partnership by 5 Mar 2018.

Both companies announced that they’ll do whatever the CCS want.

ComfortDelgro also commented that the study might take up to 120 days to complete so the partnership with Uber might not be formally tied-up until July 2018.

So there you go, UberFLASH might not be here to stay, depending on what CCS manages to root out lah.


But then again, that’s good news for you, right?

I mean, with CCS keeping a close eye on Uber and ComfortDelgro, UberFLASH will work even better, for the next few months at least,

What about you? Do you think UberFLASH is here to stay, or it’ll disappear just like the GrabHitch to JB service?

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