uberPET: The Uber for With Your Dog is in Singapore Now


Pet owners would know the struggle of bringing their pets out, especially if they don’t own a car.

So what will you do if your sick dog/cat needs to see the vet or it is due for a grooming session?

You could walk if you live nearby a pet salon or an animal clinic.

If you don’t, your best bet is Pet Taxi or PetMate albeit their steep rates.

Pet Taxi’s single trip starts from $40 and their round trips start from $70! If you add on their weekends and after 5 p.m. surcharges, you will be forking about over $100!

For a single trip, to boot.

Pet Mate is like Uber but for animals and it is much cheaper (if you’re comparing it with Pet Taxi) option for pet owners. Their fare starts at $27 for a single trip while round trips are priced between $60 and $70

But now, you don’t need to settle for something similar to Uber as they are extending their services to your best friend.

Don’t worry because Uber is coming into this market

And you know that when Uber goes into any market, prices go down. Like way down.

Image: gfycat.com


I am talking about your dog aka man’s best friend!

Image: annette16love.tumblr.com

It is a very smart move by Uber.

First, they infiltrated the taxi industry, followed by the food delivery market and now they are planning to take over the pet taxi business.

According to an article by the Straits Times, the number of pets has increased from 816,000 in 2014 to 824,000 in 2016.

I guess Uber managed to sniff out this growing trend (no pun intended) and decided to strike while the iron is out.

Aptly called UberPET, they will be rolling out today!

You might be wondering how would Uber fare since there are other pet taxi services in Singapore.


I think they will stomp out any competition!

It is because there are no special rates!

Their rates for UberPET will be the same as UberX, just with an additional booking fee of just $2!

To get the pet owners warmed up, they are waiving the booking fee till the end of the year!

A pretty smart move, if you ask me.

How do you use it

You don’t have to download a separate app like UberEATS.


Simply key in your destination in the Uber app and scroll right till you see a cute little dog icon.

Image: uber.com

Press confirm and you’re ready to go on an exciting journey with your dog!

I think my obsession with dogs might have led you to believe that this service is solely for canines.

Image: giphy.com

Don’t worry they allow other household pets too—cats, rabbits, turtles, birds, and fish.

Just make sure, your pet doesn’t get too excited and end up shitting itself.

Image: aetv.com

Then you will end up having to pay for the cleaning fee!


I think I am going to take up driving lessons; I have found my true calling in life, a pet driver!

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