Ukraine Claims to Have Seized All Areas Around Kyiv Back & the 2 Presidents Might Finally Meet

Today marks the 38th day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As Ukrainians continue to fight and defend, their forces have succeeded in taking back all areas around Kyiv, the capital city, since the invasion began back on 24 February.

Towns and Villages Liberated from Russians

The surrounding towns and villages located around Kyiv have been liberated by Ukrainian forces and stories from these towns were one that recounted the citizens’ close call with death as the invasion continues.

Mayor of Bucha, a city located Kyiv Oblast, have reported that more than 300 citizens had been killed. The deceased were buried in mass graves.

In the village of Dmytrivka which was located in the west of Kyiv, Ukraine emergency services had found over 1,500 explosives in a day.

Developments since February as Invasion of Ukraine Continues 

So far, Russia has failed to capture any single major city within Ukraine. Instead, countless attacks have been made on urban areas which comprises civilians. The invasion has since caused over 4.1 million refugees to leave Ukraine.

According to Reuters, the talks held by both Ukraine and Russia in Istanbul and via video link had been “difficult”.

Still, ample progress have been made to allow for direct talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Yes, like, finally.

This was because the Ukrainian negotiator, David Arakhamia had said that “the Russian side confirmed (Ukraine’s) thesis that the draft documents have been sufficiently developed to allow direct consultations between the two countries’ leaders.”

Meanwhile, Russia has not confirmed on this possibility.

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Singapore’s Stance on the Invasion of Ukraine

Since 18 March, a poll has shown that vast majority Singaporeans support Ukraine.

Earlier in March, Singapore has already imposed sanctions on Russia in a bid to deter Russia from escalating the aggression any further.

The United Nations have also reported that at least 1,100 civilians have been killed during the war, with at least 99 children among the dead and injured.

To know more about Russia’s response to Singapore’s sanctions, watch this to the end:

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