Uni Student Found BF with Her First Grab Ride. But Then Again The Driver is Smooth AF Lah


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Welcome, to yet another story on Grab.

A story was posted on the Facebook page ‘UTAR Confessions’ recently and if you’re ‘single and ready to mingle’, this might be the story that will push you forward.

It was submitted by a Malaysian girl who was inspired to share her drama-like story on how she got together with her boyfriend.

About 2 years ago, she and her friends decided to catch a  movie in the KL City Centre.

One of her friends offered to drive her there and just like any dramatic story, something must happen suddenly.

So this friend of hers could not make it last minute, and she had to find alternative transport.

She chose the fastest method, which was to book a GrabCar.

After waiting for 5 minutes, the male driver pulled up and greeted her “good morning”.

Hmmm manners. Plus one point.

Here’s the part that I like the most:


When her friend called her, he lowered the volume of the music.  When she wore her jacket, he also increased the temperature.


Thoughtful sia this guy…

He then made the next move by asking how she’s going home. She told him that she was planning to take the train.

This guy then smoothly offered to send her home.

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Plus one point.

She was unsure of what time she’ll be going home and shyly rejected him.

He told her to call him when she’s done and said that he’ll wait for her.

After she finished dinner, she went to the washroom to freshen up and while she was gone, her friends took her phone and texted the driver to come.

From this, we learn 2 things:

  1. She confirm plus chop told her friends about the driver.
  2. Never ever give your friends the password to your phone aka everything

So, being a man who stays true to his words, he came and picked her up. And to avoid misunderstandings, she explained that the message wasn’t sent by her.


When they reached her house, he declined the payment and explained that he had offered to send her home.

Not wanting to feel bad, she left the money on the seat and left.

What this guy did is super drama: he left the money in her letter box.

And said that she can just treat him to dinner next time. She didn’t think too much about it cos where got next time?


Wrong. Just a few months later, she met the same driver again (squeals internally)!!


They became friends afterwards and kept in touch.

Image: Know Your Meme

Ok here comes the climax:

One time when he was driving her home, he pretended that there was something wrong with the car and went to the car boot, took out a bunch of flowers that she likes, and confessed on the spot.

He told her that he had promised to find her in his past life and that he couldn’t forget about her, although she was just another passenger.

She agreed to be the “most important person to him”, and they lived happily ever after!

Image:Meme Generator

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