Unlimited Data Plan Singapore: Which Is The Best SIM Only Plan In Singapore?


Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 9:51 am

The unlimited data plans battle is on with full battle gear! Which is the best SIM only plan in Singapore? Which is the best and which is the cheapest?

With all the hype going on, it is getting really confusing.

We got down to the minor details and here we present you the ultimate breakdown of all the unlimited data plans in Singapore…by putting a limit to the plans.


SingTel is the latest player in this unlimited data plan battle, but this big market share player has quite a fair offer. Let’s see their offering.

SingTel is offering unlimited data as a separate plan called Data X Infinity, giving users who signed up for their Combo 3, 6 and 12 plans the option to add on. With $39.90 a month, users have unlimited data every day.

The fair usage term is simple. Exceed 50GB on top of your base data and your speed limit will be cut to 1Mpbs. The speed will be reset on the day of the next billing cycle. All plans are bounded by a 2 years’ contract.

Looking at the cheapest price, that’s about $2.05 per GB.


Starhub’s offer is a little different. Their unlimited plans are only offered on a weekend basis. So, you will have to use your base plan data during the weekdays, and only binge on Netflix on the weekends.

Starhub does not have a separate plan for their unlimited weekend data plan but chooses to add it onto their base plans. Users do not need to pay extra to get unlimited data on weekends.

Their fair usage is actually really fair. At 10GB a day, users have free reins of their data over the weekend. If users exceed that 10GB/day limit, their speed will be cut to 1Mpbs and will resume on the next day. All plans are bounded by a 2 years’ contract.

Looking at the cheapest price, that’s about $1.73 per GB.


M1 has a different plan, called mySIM3. This plan does not come with a smartphone but is purchased separately as a SIM card only.

This means if you sign up for a contract and have to pay $98 a month, you still won’t get a free iPhone #angryseh


The tricky part of M1’s offer is the UNKNOWN fair usage max data that users can maximise. It could be more or less than the other 2 providers, but we will never know. The SIM plan is bounded by a 1-year contract.

Best SIM Only Plan Singapore?

Alright, if you’re looking at which is the best SIM only plan, I’m pretty sure you can tell that M1 takes the cake. But if we’re looking at another criterion…

Which Is The Best & Which Is The Cheapest?

Let’s do this by the elimination method. We would say that for now, M1 has the worst offering because it does not state its fair usage policy clearly on their website.

There is no clear indication of what we are getting at $98/month. What’s worst is the fact that it has to be purchased separately as a SIM card only instead of their usual contract with a smartphone.


Now, could Starhub be the winner? Even though it is offering unlimited data only on the weekend, the fair usage is capped at 80GB/month (if there are four weekends that month). That is 30GB higher than SingTel and its price point is a lot more affordable (at mere $1.73 per GB). The only catch is you can only binge on Netflix during the weekend.

If you are looking for a daily binge on Netflix, then SingTel is possibly your best bet. At $39.90/month, you can have an additional 50GB of data (as per their fair usage policy).

You will not have to worry about having nothing to do when the MRT breaks down on your way to work!

Nonetheless, SingTel may have no signal underground though…which will put you back to square one. #justsaying

But you know what? All this fair usage thingy has just put a limit out of the unlimited plans.

Maybe the telcos just don’t want to create hotspots for the entire household #sorrynotsorry