Defence Minister Gives Updates About Injured Parachutist 3WO Jeffrey Heng


Even if you didn’t watch the National Day Parade last night, you’ve probably seen the viral clip of a parachutist falling on a rough landing on social media.

(BTW, if you didn’t watch the NDP, you can read the highlights here.)

Our Defence Minister and the Singapore Army have since updated us on his condition.

What Happened

The last parachutist, Third Warrant Officer Jeffrey Heng, appeared to struggle as he navigate to the floating platform, and he took a hard landing as he skidded on the pavement and fell to the ground.

The camera immediately cut to the spectators, with some looking shocked.

Medics then rushed to give the parachutist medical attention before he was stretchered off.


Shortly after that, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen posted a Facebook post, writing, “3WO Jeffrey Heng’s condition is currently stable, alert and conscious, and he is receiving medical attention. Let’s all wish Jeffrey a quick recovery.”

MINDEF and SAF posted on their respective social media platforms about the incident as well.

Update: Parachutist 3WO Jeffrey Heng is In Stable Condition

Defence Minister Ng posted an update on the evening of 10 August, reassuring everyone that Mr Heng is in stable condition.

He shared that Mr Heng suffered some injuries due to the harsh landing, but will not require surgery. A full recovery is expected after some time and some rehabilitation.


Tampines Group Representation Constituency Member of Parliament Cheng Li Hui also shared with TODAYonline that Mr Heng would be discharged in three days.

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Singapore Army Explains Incident

In a Facebook post on 10 August evening, the Singapore Army explained why the accident happened.

According to them, parachuting at The Float can be tricky due to strong crosswinds, gusty currents, and disruptive airflow.

Alas, it certainly isn’t easy to be a Red Lion.

Thankfully, Mr Heng applied his training on the Parachute Landing Fall during his hard landing, and managed to avoid major injuries.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Ng Eng Hen) & YouTube (NDPeeps)

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