Veganuary: A Worldwide Movement For Everyone to Go Meatless in Jan 2018


Many moons ago, circa 2005, I came across a video by the notorious animal rights organization, PETA and I was shook, to say the least.

Titled, “Meet your Meat”, it is a grim documentary exposing the underbelly of the industrial animal farming in America.

And ever since then, I have flirted with veganism as I have serious commitment issues and that is also why I am perpetually single.

Before I go any further, let me clear your doubts on veganism.

Veganism is a diet that excludes all animal products, including dairy, eggs and honey whereas vegetarianism is slightly less restrictive as animal by-products can be part of the diet.


Most of the time, vegetarianism is seen as a gateway to veganism but now, people are encouraged to dive headfirst into it as veganism is slowly gaining traction in mainstream media.

So if you have dabbled in veganism over the years, you are more likely to give it a go again in the first month of the new year (aka New Year’s resolution), hoping that it will stick on you for the rest of your life.


With that notion, Veganuary (pronounced as vee-gan-uary), a UK charity organisation, was launched in 2014, encouraging people to try to go vegan for January.

With the help of social media, this online movement has slowly trickled its way down to Asia.

You’d be surprised by the growing number of vegans in this food-loving nation where there is a smorgasbord of meat-centric nosheries—just go to Instagram and type “sgvegancommunity”  under tags and you will be bombarded with tonnes of vibrant food dishes sans meat.


Reasons to adopt this compassionate lifestyle

The is a slew of vegan propaganda films and articles buzzing around the internet these days, from claiming to reverse diabetes to making you look younger.

I would implore you to take it with a pinch of (pink Himalayan) salt.

Now let’s talk about things that are legit.

Global warming has been a heated discussion over the years, as countries are coming up with new technology and bills to reduce our carbon footprint.

But you can’t call yourself an environmentalist when you consume meat coz’ livestock and their byproducts account for 51% percent of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Straits Times, the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a kilo of chicken, pork and beef are 3.7kg, 24kg and 1000kg respectively.


So before you start judging someone for smoking, take a look at your plate.

And of course, the obvious reason as to why people want to give up meat—the cruel and inhumane practices done to farm animals.

And no, I won’t get into the nasty details coz’ it’s a Friday and I don’t want to ruin my mood.

Just google, though I should warn you, it can be very disturbing.


So, if you have not ever considered going vegan, maybe you should jump on the bandwagon and you can always seek support through the veganuary hashtag on Instagram.


And for me? I might try (once again) and who knows, it might work the 4th time!

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