Did a Video About 2 Men Quarrelling in MRT Garner 1 Million Views in 2 Days?


Videos are a strange thing. While some definitely warrant its views with top-notch production values and top-tier actorssome also somehow shoot to the top of the charts with abysmal acting at best and a pair of funky old shoes. Like this one.

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Posted by Goody Feed TV – Singapore on Thursday, 1 February 2018

(Although to be fair, the female lead’s screaming is pretty on-point. Probably contributed to 90% of the views while at it)

But sometimes, just as if to show how eccentric the world really is, a video comes along that shatters all known dimensions and realities.

With next to zero production values, an assembly of three (four) rural, last-minute actors and a shoddy setting at best, this video absolutely smashed the views and left us wondering, “How did they do it?”

The video in question? This one.

Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon

When the topic first churned out on my publisher’s ‘hot’ list, it had garnered 1 million views within the span of two days. And thus the headline.

But as you can see, it’s since jumped to 1.3 million views within another.


Also, it has to be noted though that despite the overwhelming number of views, the video has only garnered 609 shares.

Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page

In comparison, one of our videos, ‘When your friends look down on your job’ garnered well over 1.2k shares and yet collected a paltry 188k views.

Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page


But before that, let’s crack into the video analysis first.

*cracks knuckles*

Budget Hollywood film

In the video, two men can be seen engaging in a heated debate: one in a light blue shirt with black pants, and the other in a light blue polo tee with black pants and sandals. One guy in a dark blue tee can be seen intervening in the middle, presumably to stop a fight (if it erupts).

For the sake of the writer’s convenience (me), I’m just gonna label the first guy A, second guy B and the peacemaker C.

Image: PhilipP Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page

Also, their conversation gets incomprehensible at times, so please pardon the frequent breaks in between.


So the video starts off with A announcing to B, “I’m a high class person. You’re a low-class person”.

Which is the best intro ever, in case you’re wondering. Gets the viewer’s attention right off the bat, and gets you hungry for more.

A then calls the other party a dog, before looking at the ‘audience’ and explaining that he had wanted to sit down, but B came rushing and ‘stole his seat’. This was what seemed to have set off the argument in the first place.

A continued with “My status is so high. You dare to touch me?” to which B retorted, “Just because your status is high, you can scold people?”


A then walks off in a huff, saying, “Don’t want to be near you any more.”

But B continued to complain in the background, and it apparently got to A, because A started to walk back. At this point, he noticed the cameraman (who’s filming the video) and commented, “Taking video of me?”

He must have learnt a trick or two, however, as he whipped out his own phone and began filming B, saying, “You’re finished now.”

Surprisingly B didn’t retaliate and let him film. After a few seconds, A stopped filming and they lapsed into an argument again. What?

“Why did you steal my seat?” A asked accusingly. B replied, “Steal what seat? Is this seat just for you?”

The MRT stops at a station and the fourth guest character enters. Meet D, a SMRT staff member.

Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page

But his arrival was soon overshadowed by yet another heated argument.

“You go back where you came from!” A yelled. “You countryside bumpkin. You smelly trash. You’re shameless; you’re a DOG.

“Don’t scold me!” B yelled back.

“Stahp it!” I yelled. But obviously they couldn’t hear because I’m not even there.

D then steps in again, and A finally felt compelled to move. He walked towards the middle of the tube, before telling D that someone’s filming him.


B, however, was not gonna let it go. “You wanna fight? Let’s fight.”

“Why should I touch you?” A asked.

“Then why did you film me?”

A didn’t reply, and with his hands on his waist, walked out of the train into the sunset.

The end.

You can watch the full video here:

Posted by Philip Meow Eng Toon on Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Yeah, that whole drama-mama episode (which kinda bored me while I was writing it) managed to hit a whopping 1.3 million views. All over a seat.


Dammit, someone’s obviously never played musical chairs before.

Netizens, however, seemed to really zero in on A. I wonder why.

Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page
Image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page


“High-class person still taking a train? Scolding others dog and trash; you’re really trash.”

“If you’re a high-class person, drive a car. Don’t take the train.”

“That’s just bullying the China individuals.”

“High-class person drive a BMW la; drive what train?”

Incidentally, my boss drives a BMW. #justsaying


Now, there are two possible theories as to why the video performed so well:

  1. The high-class guy’s kinda unlikeable. So everyone jumped on the hate train and choo choo!
  2. Mark Zuckerberg disliked the guy. So he got his whole team to spam click the video.

While the theories are similarly possible, I will have to go with the first one. Because he kinda ticked me off too.

And so guys, if you wanna create a viral hit with minimum production budget and an impromptu cast….

You know what to do.

“I’m a high-class guy. YOU DARE TO TOUCH ME?”

Film quote of the year, babe.

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Featured image: Philip Meow Eng Toon Facebook Page