Video of Note 7 Exploding in Lady’s Hand is So Scary, You’ll Want to Exchange Your Phone Now

If you’ve yet to exchange your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you’ll want to do so now after viewing this video.

While there has been alleged reports that the phone has set a car on fire, that wasn’t caught on tape: we were only shown images of the fire. But now, there’s a video that will make you rethink your priorities.

According to The Sun, 30-year-old Sarah Crockett was in a café when her phone suddenly overheated on her hand. It then exploded (though that was not shown clearly) and she immediately tossed the phone on the table.

The phone went up in smoke as her husband tried to understand what had just happened.

And here’s the thing: the phone wasn’t charging.

The entire incident was caught by a CCTV. According to Ms Crockett, the phone expanded before getting “really, really hot”. She added, “I dropped it on the table. Within a few seconds there was smoke everywhere and I jumped out of the way. The whole thing was just barbecued.”

Guess this video just barbecued Samsung; again.

According to a Straits Times report on 16 September 2016, only more than 50% of Note 7 users in Singapore have registered for the exchange. The Verge reported on 15 September 2016 that as of that day, almost 90% of Note 7 in the US (or in the world—it’s not exactly clear) have been exchanged.

In other words, there’re still many potential Note 7 out there that could be defective.

Like what someone mentioned in Hardwarezone forums, Galaxy S7 users be like


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