Video Shows a Couple Throwing oBikes into Drain…for No Apparent Reason


By now, I’m fairly certain my editor is making me write such articles on purpose. I mean, just look at this and this.

Not that I mind though, since I get to give these idiots a piece of my mind and let you guys know about their existence.

So, buckle up, guys. It’s time for another ride.


At around 4 to 5 pm on 19th Nov, Stomper Chin came across a man and a woman when he was driving along lower Delta road. According to Chin,

“I was driving and I had to stop at the traffic light. This guy was trying to remove an oBike as the branch had hooked onto the bike.”

So far everything makes sense. You know, you can’t ride with a branch hooked onto the bike, right? Then, for some reason, this happens.

“Then, to my surprise, he threw it down into the drain!”

Wait, whut.


Hang on a second there. Why would you do something like this? Did a bicycle went on a murderous rampage and hurt your family or something? There’s simply no good reason for you to do something like this!

On top of that, the man is not alone. Together with him is a woman.

Well, guess what the woman did?


If you see oBikes in drain along Lower Delta Rd — these are t…

If you see oBikes in drain along Lower Delta Rd — these are the culpritsRead the full story here:

Posted by Stomp on Sunday, 19 November 2017

I guess birds of a feather really tend to flock together.

According to Stomper Chin, the couple had thrown at least three oBikes into the drain, although only two were caught on camera.


Seriously, what did they actually gain from throwing the oBikes into the drain? Are the oBikes some kind of offering for some longkang god? If so, go buy your own bikes then sacrifice those lah. Sincerity counts, man.

At the current moment, we have no news with regard to the identity of the couple. If you happen to know the couple (I hope you don’t), please report them to the police. They can pray to their longkang or toilet god all they want in jail.

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