Wanna Kana ‘Marked’ by Relatives? Try Asking These 10 Questions During CNY

Brace yourselves for the CNY interrogation! It is a time where you get to learn a bit more facts about your cousins…or perhaps, annoy them with your questions that were meant as an ice breaker. Want to kena “marked” by your relatives and get lesser Ang Bao money next year? Try asking these 10 questions.

I’ll guarantee you’ll make it into the list of annoying people during CNY.

1. The fitness instructor

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“Eh, you were thinner last year! You put on weight ah?”

Perhaps you have decided to take on the role of being your cousin’s fitness instructor. Keeping track of her weight is no easy task; she just seems to ignore you every year.

2. The businessman


“What are you working as now? How much do you make per month?”

Seriously? Are you trying to do a business with your uncle during CNY? I’m sure he would appreciate it if you could ask him about his work when he is not busy trying to win in blackjack.

3. The relationship guru

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“Got boyfriend/girlfriend already?”

Caution: approach single cousins at your own risk. You might get a slap if they are part of the single pringle squad. Or maybe you’ve seen someone on Tinder that will suit your cousin perfectly?

4. Wedding bells

Image: gosocial.co

“When are you getting married?”

Are you that excited to hear wedding bells? You might most likely be seeing stars instead.

5. “Food baby”

meme 2

“Wah, pregnant already ah? Congrats!” 

Oh no, now that you’ve realised it was just your aunt’s bloated stomach, your guilty conscience will be tugging at you for the rest of the day.

Image: memegenerator.net

6. The teacher

Image: boredpanda.com

“Boy/Girl ah, how are your results last year? Number one in class ah?”

Are you prepared to be their tuition teacher? If not, better not ask about their grades. They’ll say if they want to, even when you didn’t ask.

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7. The Fashion Police

Image: Pinterest

“Wah, why you wear until like this?”

Firstly, it’s 2017, so the tradition of having to wear red might no longer apply in many families. Secondly, it’s 2017, so even if someone decides to wear two bears on her shoulder, it’s considered fashion.

8. The Passenger

Image: memecenter.com

“You got car now? Drive me to Orchard leh.”

Ask politely and you might get the ride. Ask like this and you should really reflect on yourself: have you been thinking that everyone who has a car is an Uber / Grab driver?

9. The Permission Seeker

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“Hi, there’s no one in the toilet now. Can I go into the toilet?”

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We all know that you’re merely just being polite, but it’s an overkill if you even ask permission to walk from the living room to the kitchen.

10. The Captain Obvious

Image: Twitter (@1_Obvious_Capt)

“Eh, Ah Girl, you’re here!”


You might you think you’re breaking the ice, but you’re actually breaking people’s sanity.

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