Customer & Nail Salon Owner in Whampoa Had a Catfight Over a Manicure


Last Updated on 2022-04-05 , 6:57 pm

While manicures are usually all about pampering ourselves and relaxing while have a good time, this manicure was anything about that.

In fact, some may even say that this incident defeated the whole point of getting a manicure.

On Saturday (2 April) at around 6 pm, police were called to help settle a fight that had broken out between two women at Blk 87 Whampoa Drive.

The reason behind the fight? A manicure.

Customer and Boss Fought Over Manicure Service

According to Shin Min Daily News, the fight was triggered by the customer’s dissatisfaction towards the shop’s manicure service.

The 40-year-old customer, surnamed Ye, was outside the shop when Shin Min reporters reached the area. The 27-year-old owner, whose surname is Zhang, was recording her statement in the nail salon with police officers at that time.

Ms Ye told Shin Min that she visited the salon in mid-March, but soon realised that the quality of the manicure was rather sloppy as it started chipping.

“Initially, I wanted to ask if she could help me touch up my manicure, but she refused and said that they had done a touch-up previously,” Ms Ye claimed.

Afterwards, Ms Ye explained that they were unable to come to a compromise, but the owner of the salon decided to refund Ms Ye for the package that she had signed with the shop previously.

“However, she started to act violently,” Ms Ye added.

Ms Ye’s Point of View

When interviewed by Shin Min, Ms Ye said that Ms Zhang started pulling her hair first and even tried to strangle her. She also noted that she initially had not asked for a refund, but Ms Zhang decided to give it to her anyway.

But the refund came with Ms Zhang’s annoyance, as well as two slaps on Ms Ye’s face.

“I will have my injuries examined, and will consider taking legal action as well,” Ms Ye concluded.

Ms Zhang’s Point of View

On the other hand, Ms Zhang accused Ms Ye of tugging onto her shirt to the point that the shoulder strap broke.

“She even scratched me with her nails, clawed at my face and pulled on my hair.”


Ms Zhang then went on to explain how she only lost her temper because Ms Ye insulted her parents with vulgarities.

“Her tone was extremely rude when she came in. Even after I gave her a refund, she continued to act rudely and insulted my parents with vulgarities. I asked her to leave the shop, but she refused,” Ms Zhang explained.

She also said that she did not slap Ms Ye on purpose. Instead, it was Ms Ye who had pushed her first, and her natural reflexes led to her pushing Ms Ye away.

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Both mentioned that they called the police to help mediate the issue.

Police officers were seen in the area until around 9pm that night and mentioned afterwards that they were alerted to the incident at 6.12 pm on 2 April. The police also said that they recommended both parties to take legal action on their own accord.


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