HK Actor Claims PCR Swab Test Led to Severe Nosebleed for 2 Hours


While we’d all know by now that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests are far from enjoyable, most of us would probably just brace ourselves to experience temporary discomfort before we move on with our lives.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to only experience temporary discomfort.

And it seems like Hong Kong actor Wong He was one of the unlucky ones.

Yesterday (3 April) evening, Wong, 54, took to Facebook to air his grievances regarding his PCR test.

According to the caption, he had flown to Taiwan and landed at Taoyuan International Airport on 3 April.

As with all other travellers, he was required to undergo a PCR test.

During the test, the staff first inserted the cotton swab into his right nostril with her right hand, and used her left hand to try and push his head forward.

Wong then moved back as he felt pain, but the staff told him to “bear with it”.

She then pushed his head forward towards the cotton swab again.

After that, he started to bleed profusely through his nose, and the nosebleed got so bad that blood had started to stain and accumulate in his white mask.

According to his Facebook updates, his nosebleed only stopped after two hours.

Staff Left Scene After Test

However, after the test, the staff member apparently left the area, which left Wong infuriated. He claimed that no one was able to tell him her name or where she had gone, and the only information they could provide was that she was from the hospital.

In his Facebook post, he asked for the staff member who performed his PCR test to “turn herself in” to him as soon as possible.

He also provided details about the staff who administered his test. He stated that the test was performed at Gate B9 by a female medical staff who was around 1.5m tall. She was also wearing full white Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Refused Help During Nosebleed

However, even though it was obvious that Wong was bleeding profusely, he apparently refused the help that was offered to him.


According to various Taiwan media outlets, a spokesperson from Taiwan’s pandemic control centre confirmed that such an incident had happened, but that the actor was also offered assistance in the form of new masks and help to stop the bleeding.

And yes, he said it himself on his Facebook page as well.

He claimed that another medical staff had offered him around three metres’ worth of toilet paper that was scrunched up to stop his bleeding.

“Common sense told me to reject it,” he wrote.


He also included the name, physical appearance details and an identification number of sorts of the staff who tried to give him the toilet paper.

Apart from that, Wong also called Chuang Jen-Hsiang, the Deputy Director-General at the Centre for Disease Control in Taiwan, out.

Police Was of “No Help”

Thereafter, Wong revealed through yet another Facebook update that he had approached police officers stationed at the airport, but they were of no assistance with regards to helping him identify the staff who performed his PCR test.

After talking to police officers through a glass panel, Wang claimed that the police asked him to dial 1922, which is the hotline for the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. The officer told him that they would help him identify the worker.

Additionally, the police told Wong that they would not be recording the incident down, which probably left Wong even more frustrated.


Tested Positive for COVID-19 and Complained About Quarantine Process

To make matters worse for Wong, he found out that he had tested positive for COVID-19, and hence needed to be taken to a quarantine facility.

He started complaining on his Facebook page again about the lack of efficiency in transporting patients to the facility.

In the video, he even wrote the caption, “The bus is here. Our luggage is here. We are here. So what are we waiting for?”

He also continued to post regular updates on Facebook to document his annoyance and impatience, and two of the updates involved map screenshots and the caption “Where on Earth are they taking me to?”


He then posted this photo, presumably after reaching the quarantine facility.

The phrase “Blame the victim” was typed onto the photograph itself.

Apology to Chuang

Just today (4 April), Wong published another post on his Facebook.

According to his caption, Wong had apparently posted a black-and-white photo of Chuang, which was perceived to be incredibly disrespectful.

Wong apologised for his “rude, reckless and unfriendly” behaviour, and wrote that he hoped to receive Chuang’s forgiveness.

However, at the end of the post, he still reiterated that he still wanted to hear from the healthcare worker who performed the PCR test on him when he arrived in Taiwan.


Netizens’ Reaction

Initially, most netizens were angered after seeing photos of Wong’s bloody nose, and proceeded to criticise the Taiwan medical staff for being so “unfriendly” and “rough” when carrying out their job.

Many fans also sent well-wishes to Wong, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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However, as the number of Facebook updates from Wong increased, many netizens, especially those who were Taiwanese, also called Wong out for his entitled and rude behaviour.

In particular, some commented that the toilet paper was still useable and that “it might not have even come from the toilet itself”.

Others also called Wong out for his lack of understanding and empathy towards healthcare workers, who are clearly under a great amount of pressure during a time like this.

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Featured Image: Facebook (WONG HE 王喜)