There’s Going to be a Series That Features BMT During COVID-19 Period


If you’re an NS girlfriend and wondering what on earth your boyfriend’s rattling on about when he books out, or if you’re just looking to relive the good ol’ times from your NS days, here’s a documentary series for you.

Some of you may also be familiar with previous seasons of it, which premiered in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

And if you can’t remember, there was even a six-part epilogue in 2011 for the first season.

Back in the day, the episodes were an absolute hit, with many former NSmen feeling nostalgia well up while watching the series.

Yup, Our Singaporean Son is back for its third season, over a decade since the first one was released.

And of course, it’s no shock to anyone that National Service for our Singaporean boys has changed greatly since then.

The eight-part series of the upcoming season, Every Singaporean Son 3, will focus on how the nine-week basic military training (BMT), which takes place at Pulau Tekong, has evolved since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With each episode featuring one main event, such as the recruits’ first time participating in a live grenade throw and field camp, the audience will get to follow through with the recruits and commanders from the Basic Military Training Centre’s Dragon Company throughout the series…in masks.

In total, there will be six recruits from the age of 19 to 21 who will be featured in this series. Their fact sheets have been uploaded by So Drama! Entertainment, which is in charge of producing the series.

One of the recruits is Recruit Jasnam Singh, who is described as being “soft spoken and a thinker”.

“While he is not negative about national service, he would prefer doing something else,” the fact sheet also mentioned.

Another recruit who you’ll get to see is Dinie Zikry Rudi, who is anxious about how fasting during the Ramadan period will affect his training during BMT.

Moving onto the commanders, the series will also feature platoon commander, Second Warrant Officer Arun Kumar, and section commander, Third Sergeant Galileo Pang, who is a full-time national serviceman himself.

How to Watch the Series

With the first episode being released on Pioneer’s Facebook page tomorrow (4 April), you can either watch it on Facebook or tune in to Mediacorp’s Channel 5 on Wednesday (6 April) at 8.30 pm.

On Channel 5, the episodes will be broadcasted weekly at the same time slot.


On Friday (1 April), Pioneer also released a one-minute trailer for the upcoming season on Facebook. The trailer featured recruits participating in outfield training and an Individual Physical Proficiency Test.

Apart from the eight episodes in the series, Pioneer will also be uploading an extra sixteen bonus episodes for online viewing. These episodes will include additional scenes from the series, as well as interviews.

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So Drama! Entertainment worked together with production company Beach House Pictures in order to produce the series.

With regards to the release of the new series, So Drama! Entertainment’s creative director Ms Susanna Kulatissa mentioned that BMT and its story is an aspect of life that every generation of NSmen can relate to.

“Fifty-five years on, it has become part and parcel of the Singaporean way of life. Every Singaporean Son also reminds us that when a young man enlists, he is never alone. He enlists with the support of his family, friends and all of us,” she emphasised.


So, if you are curious if instructors still shout “cover up!” during route march even when soldiers are supposed to social distance, you know what you should do.

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