WhatsApp: 10 Fascinating Facts About this App We Bet You Didn’t Know Of


When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is check your messages. Well, yeah, you’d probably kill your alarm off first, but then you’re DEFINITELY switching your fingers to touch your WhatsApp app and run through your texts.

Let’s just put it out there – WhatsApp connects pretty much everyone and anyone these days.

But what do you actually know about the app?

Here are 10 things about WhatsApp we thought we’d share with you.

The Founders Were Turned Down by Facebook and Twitter
Brian Acton and Jan Koum used to work for Yahoo. When they went for interviews with Twitter and Facebook, they were turned down. The two fellas then went into creating WhatsApp, and everything else became dusty history. Funny how Facebook now owns WhatsApp. They once had a chance to own the creators at a low, low cost then.

You Can Compress Images and Videos Too
Well, you could alternatively just use an editing app to do the job, but if you need a quick fix, WhatsApp has got your back covered. Check the WhatsApp Media file if you’re on your Android phone. iPhone users can check their Camera Roll for help.

Customize Your Notifications
Change the message tinkles, ringtones and even pop-up settings for your WhatsApp features for the ultimate messaging experience. After all, you’re looking at it every day – make it a worthwhile experience!

No User Data Stored
The company doesn’t give its users server storage for your texts compared to Skype and Facebook Messenger. If you have an undelivered message, it’ll remain on queue at its server. You can alternatively backup your messages through iCloud or Google Drive.

One Billion Downloads with Just 5 People On Board
In March 2015, WhatsApp’s Android platform hit a total of one billion downloads by the public. The number of people involved in creating the app? Just 5 people, including Brian Acton! You can imahe five people managing one billion people…wah.

Why Are They So Successful?
If you’d gladly notice, there zero ads. No games involved. In other words, no gimmicks for using their service, at all! Well, at least not yet.

Bought Over by Facebook for US$19 Billion
To imagine, the entire company now works for Facebook! And USD$19 Billion leh: can you imagine how many iPhones you can but with that?

Highest Number of Active Participants in Asia
Yep, not even Weibo can compete with them.

Average Time A User Spends On the App Is…
Did you know that on average, a user spends about 3 hours simply on the app alone? That’s almost the same as any other hours on Facebook too! One can only wonder what people are doing on WhatsApp other than texting.

It Has Survived Through Its Competition
There’s been the likes of Weibo, WeChat, Line, and even Google coming toe to toe with the champion app. Nothing is stopping WhatsApp though. They’ve even launched a new baby called Allo, which will have many extra features like offline texts, personal assistant, and stickers too. In other words, they’re like cockroaches: they can survive for billions of years (in today’s era, 1 day = 500K years, eh?).

WhatsApp has truly been indispensable for people at work or at home. Even the tai chi club of aunties also probably use it to keep in touch.

But the facts behind the company – wah, really salute to you guys, WhatsApp! And guess what: WhatsApp is only seven years old. Doesn’t it feel like it has been our BFF since the beginning of time?

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