Lawrence Wong Explains Why KTVs Cannot Reopen Even When We Can Now Sing in Groups


KTVs and nightlife enthusiasts might have to wait a little longer before your favourite haunts can reopen.

Here’s why.

Group Singing Now Allowed

Mass singing and chanting, cheering by audiences, spectators and event participants are now allowed, as long as masks are worn throughout. Singing in general settings like schools are also permitted.

So yes, for all the students missing out on the full school camp experience for two years: your camps are going to return to maximum volume now.

Now, dear reader, I know what you’re thinking: if people can sing songs together now, why can’t my KTVs and nightlife haunts reopen?

To put it very simply… it’s because these places are infamous for not following the rules.

Higher Risks of Transmission

Minister Lawrence Wong, one of the co-chairs for the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, shared that KTVs and nightlife establishments engage in activities with “much higher risks of transmission”.

Additionally, these settings have “generally more difficulties complying with the prevailing SMMs (safe management measures)”.

I mean, it’s one thing to sing your school song or sing in karaoke classes at the community centre.

But singing in KTVs and nightlife businesses like bars and nightclubs, where everyone is eating, drinking, and mingling… Yeah, you can see why it’s not the best idea to allow that when we’ve just relaxed our measures.

Unless you don’t mind safe distancing ambassadors barging into your room while you’re halfway through your favourite song?

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Update on Nightlife Sector In Coming Weeks

Agencies are still looking into the reopening of the nightlife sector.

The ministers mentioned that the Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with the Ministry of Home Affairs, will provide an update on the reopening of these establishments in the coming weeks.

For now, you’ll have to make do with karaoke sessions in your bathroom.

For a summary of the changes that will take effect from 29 March, watch this to the end:

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