Barbie Hsu is Now Fighting With Her Ex-Husband on Social Media


A little over a year since the high-profile divorce between Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, it seems the pair still has some unfinished business to settle. (In the public eye, of course.)

In particular, Hsu, 46, emerged with allegations that Wang, 41, has not paid her more than $220,000 in spousal maintenance since March 2022, which could mean that the government might seize Wang’s properties in Taiwan.

Wang has responded by saying that he has continued to pay for his children and maintenance but not for other expenses, as Hsu has since remarried.

He added that he paid Hsu more than NT$40 million (approximately S$1.77 million) over the past year.

On the other hand, Wang has also been outspoken about his opinions of DJ Koo, Hsu’s current husband, and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what kind of opinions Wang might have of the latter.

More recently, the duo has found themselves in conflict regarding their finances and properties, particularly who paid for what and who lent who money.

And because it’s the 21st century, everything’s being publicised online, with receipts, of course.

Here’s what happened.

Hsu’s Instagram Posts

Before this full-blown argument, Wang had thrown out various allegations, such as insisting that he paid for two of the disputed properties in the divorce.

While Hsu has mostly responded to the situation surrounding her divorce via statements issued through her lawyers, she took matters into her own hands (and Instagram account) by posting two separate posts.

The first post was an image of a financial statement of an account under her name with several highlighted values, proving that she paid for the two properties.

“Both properties were paid for by me with my own personal loans,” she wrote in her caption.

In the second post, she included an image of a handwritten note. Based on the sign-off, it appeared to have been written by Wang in 2018.

The note read, “I, Wang Xiaofei, have borrowed NT$26 million (approximately S$1.15 million) from Barbie Hsu; NT$20 million will be used for my hotel business while the other NT$6 million will go to legal fees. I will repay the entire amount by the end of 2018.”

In contrast to the note, Hsu revealed in her caption that she has only received NT$5 million (approximately S$220,951) since then, despite Wang’s agreement to repay her by the end of 2018.

She also wrote sarcastically that marrying into such a “rich family” gives her stability for sure and that it was “no wonder” that he was so good at freeloading and sponging off women.


Wang’s Response

After Hsu posted the images, Wang soon uploaded some of his own in response to her claims.

“I had originally still regarded you as my children’s mother. But with you lying through your teeth today, you are not fit to be the mother of my children,” he wrote in his now-deleted post.

Regarding the loan, he said that he had borrowed money from Hsu to “tide over his problems” while trying to remit money from China to Taiwan.

Apart from that, he also uploaded proof of the credit card statements of their divorce agreement and accused Hsu of using his credit card even after being divorced from him and getting married to DJ Koo.

In particular, he had listed things she had apparently bought with his card, including items from luxury brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. In total, she allegedly spent more than NT$1 million (approximately S$44,190) using his credit card after being divorced from him.


After sharing the items his former wife had bought, some netizens realised that two items on the list, namely a crystal necklace and lace headgear, were seen in Hsu’s wedding photos with Koo.

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Hsu and Wang’s Relationship

Hsu and Wang were married in 2011 and ended their relationship after ten years of marriage last year.

The pair share an eight-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son, and both children currently live with Hsu in Taipei.

Previously, rumours of Hsu having an affair with Koo, her ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago in 2018, before she divorced Wang, were also shot down by both Hsu and Koo, with Hsu saying, “I do not have the strength and don’t care to cheat.”

Apart from Hsu and Koo, Wang has publicly attacked Dee Hsu, Hsu’s younger sister, a host and actress in Taiwan.

In particular, he and his mother have accused both sisters of using drugs in the past.


Barbie Hsu released a statement denying the accusations: “My sister and I cannot do drugs because both of us do not have bad hearts. My sister works an average of four days a week and lives with her in-laws and children. There is no way for her to do drugs. I am not interested in drugs. Taiwan does not allow for drugs; we are law-abiding.”

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