Police Investigating Woman Who Banged a Gong While Man Conduct Prayers

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When it comes to peace and harmony between the different races in Singapore, the authorities will do anything they can to maintain it.

In recent months, more and more cases of residents boldly acting on their racist beliefs have emerged.

Some pass hurtful racist remarks at interracial couples, while others are physically attacking innocent residents.

And then there are those who strike gongs while others are performing a prayer ritual.

Police Investigating Woman Who Banged a Gong While Man Conduct Prayers

Two days ago, a video of a woman clanging a gong repeatedly while her neighbour conducted a Hindu prayer ritual was posted on Facebook, and soon went viral.

Netizens angered by the woman’s actions called for her to be investigated by the police.

Well, it looks like they got their wish.

Speaking to STthe police said they are now investigating the incident involving the woman in the video.

They confirmed that a report was lodged and a 48-year-old woman is assisting the police with investigations.

What Happened

The video of the incident was shared on Wednesday (9 June) by the man who was performing the Hindu prayer routine in the video.

At the beginning of the video, the man rings a prayer bell outside his doorway as he performs his ritual prayers.

A woman then emerges from an adjacent unit, picks up a gong that was placed outside, and starts striking it loudly with a small stick.

Why was the gong placed on the floor outside her door? Well, for this very purpose, we’re guessing.

Instead of getting upset, the bespectacled man simply smiled and carried out his prayer ritual.

Image: Facebook (Livanesh Ramu)


At no point throughout the bizarre interaction did the man confront or ask the woman to stop, but the woman kept on striking the gong like she was part of the National Day Parade.

At the 14-second mark, the man appears to have finished his prayer ritual, but the woman, seemingly offended by his prayer routine, struck the gong several more times before giving the man an expression that said “that’s what you get”.

Never Face Any Issues For 20 Years

Now, with a neighbour like this, you might assume that she’s been doing the same thing for years, right? After all, dozens of stories of ‘neighbours from hell’ have emerged in recent years.

But according to the man, whose family has lived in the unit for 20 years, this has never happened before. 

“I guess with COVID we have a new norm…” he said at the end of his post.

The man said his family, like many other Hindus, have been performing this prayer routine twice a week.

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In Hindu prayers, the ringing of bells is considered auspicious, as it’s believed to welcome divinity and dispel evil.

Worshippers also believe the sound of the bells will calm their minds and help to dismiss ongoing thoughts, which will allow them to concentrate.

Featured Image: Facebook (Livanesh Ramu)

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