A Woman Suddenly Claims to Be S’pore Actor Aliff Aziz’s Girlfriend

Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz has found himself in hot water yet again after a woman by the name of Sarah Yasmine suddenly claimed to be his girlfriend.

Aliff Aziz is no stranger to media outlets and readers. You can read a few of his accusations here:

Most recently, someone has come out to say she is his girlfriend.

Why is this so shocking (or perhaps not)? Well, we’ll have to look at his recent history to understand.

Aliff Aziz’s Wife, Bella

33-year-old Aliff Aziz has been married to 30-year-old Malaysian singer-actress Bella Astillah since 2016, and the pair have two children.

Image: Instagram (@bellaastillah)

The two have had a rocky relationship, with Bella filing for divorce twice.

The couple divorced in 2019 after Aliff was accused of infidelity. However, the pair reconciled in 2020.

The second file for divorce came after Aliff was arrested for khalwat (close proximity).

Aliff Aziz Arrested In March for Khalwat

On 9 March 2024, Aliff Aziz and Malaysian actress Ruhainies, 31, were detained by Federal Territories Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) officers at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

Image: Instagram (@ruhainies7)

The two were suspected of khalwat, which refers to two Muslims of opposite sex (who are not spouses or family members) being in an isolated place, house, or bedroom.

In Malaysia, khalwat is illegal.

Just a week ago, a single mother became the first woman to be whipped for khalwat in Terengganu.

After the khalwat incident, Bella once again filed for divorce from Aliff on 11 March, saying it was the best path for them.

However, following the divorce hearing on 4 April, Aliff refused to divorce Bella as he said: “I still love Bella.”

The pair are currently estranged.

Sarah Yasmine Claims to Be Aliff’s Girlfriend

Two days ago, a woman called Sarah Yasmine uploaded a post on Instagram, claiming to be Aliff’s girlfriend.


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A post shared by Sarah Yasmine (@sarahyasminekh)

In the post, which is in Malay, Sarah Yasmine said she started meeting with Aliff since January this year. She claimed that Aliff complained about his poor relationship with his wife and often asked Sarah for “advice and moral support”.

Sarah said that even while Aliff was shooting a drama in February, they called and video called every day, until Aliff and Ruhainies were arrested.

She then said that Aliff explained that nothing happened between him and Ruhainies, and that they were innocent. Sarah chose to believe in him and the two resumed their alleged romantic relationship.

Sarah also uploaded a video of her and Aliff embracing, as well as him giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Images: Instagram (@sarahyasminekh)

According to the post, Aliff stayed at Sarah’s house for a month, so it was not unusual for Sarah to do things like charging Aliff’s phone.

Sarah said that one day, Aliff had forgotten to lock his phone and it was still on.

She then picked it up and saw his WhatsApp conversation with someone called “NRF”, who Sarah claims is Ruhainies (whose real name is Nur Ruhainies Farehah Zainul Ilyas).

Sarah said the conversation made it seem like Aliff and NRF were in love, as they often used words such as “sayang (love/darling)”.

Image: Instagram (@sarahyasminekh)

“I really don’t want to argue with you,” Aliff’s text to NRF reads.

“No, we are not (arguing). Don’t worry, I still love you,” NRF replied.

This broke Sarah’s heart as she believed Aliff when he told her that nothing had happened between him and Ruhainies.

“I felt cheated and disappointed because I, too, was treated like Bella,” Sarah said in the post.

She added that she also had evidence of WhatsApp conversations showing that Aliff and Ruhainies had conspired to bring down Bella.

“I was shocked to see NRF’s plans to win Aliff’s heart from Bella. It turns out Aliff’s actions were to protect NRF, and everything he did was under NRF’s orders.”

To end it off, Sarah said: “To Aliff: Of course I am still with you as I am your girlfriend.”

“I am doing this out of love to save you from all this mess… It hurts me seeing you hurt.”

Aliff Aziz has yet to comment on this.

Netizens’ Reactions

In the comments of Sarah’s post, some netizens are telling her she can “find someone better than Aliff” and that she should “run and save (herself).”

Image: Screenshot from Instagram (@sarahyasminekh)

On the other hand, some are calling Sarah a “homewrecker” and “attention seeker”, saying that she made the post only to gain fame, not to save Aliff as she claims to do.

Image: Screenshot from Instagram (@sarahyasminekh)
Image: Screenshot from Instagram (@sarahyasminekh)