Woman Got Back Stolen Phone But Strangely All Data Has Been Wiped Out


My mum always used to tell me this: “”Always keep your valuables with you. Always.”

In response, I’ll always fold my arms, look at her and go, “Chill, Mum. This is Singapore. It’s safe. Who’s going to take a rusty phone and a mouldy old wallet with $2 notes anyway? Ji Gong?”

And then she’ll smack my head and continue nagging and nagging for one hour. Luckily, thanks to my especially thick skull, I’ll somehow survive it without registering any of what she said.

But things are different now. Times have changed. I’ve grown up to be a refined young adult, and my mindset has changed. I now keep my valuables with me, even when I sleep.

Or alright… maybe I actually changed my mind because of the following incident.

But c’mon, whose wouldn’t?

Counter pocketing

On 29 October, Stomper Denise had accidentally left her phone on the counter of a LiHo outlet in Bugis+, before returning mere minutes later to find it gone.

CCTV footage has shown that a woman in the queue behind her had taken the phone.

Luckily, Denise managed to retrieve her phone a few days later, but there was just a minor drawback.

All data had been wiped out.

What exactly happened?

Denise told Stomp that she got back her phone on Thursday (2 November).

However, it wasn’t altogether intact. Not so much on the outside, but more on the inside.

“I was happy and sad at the same time as my phone was reformatted and all data had been wiped out,” she told Stomp.

In addition, she was informed by a police officer that all ten of her cards, including her IC and bank cards, have been disposed into different rubbish bins (she had slotted the cards in her phone’s cover).

10 different rubbish bins? Whoever the culprit is, it seems that she has been reading too much Sherlock Holmes, and from the bad guy’s POV too.


She’s pissed… at herself

Denise had this to say: “I’m angry at myself for making such a careless mistake that I would not commit usually. At the same time, I’m feeling sad about all the photos and videos of my loved ones that I did not back up, including those of my mum who passed away long ago.”

Finders keepers

Interestingly, there have been comments saying finders keepers, and Denise has made her stand clear.

“It just shows how one can let greed and selfishness take over their conscience without thinking about how the other party would feel. Think before you act. The good will always be rewarded with good.”

Denise also put aside her grievance to thank her benefactors.

“I also sincerely thank everyone who has helped me to share and track this lady. I am extremely grateful and no amount of thank yous will ever be enough. I will be extremely vigilant from now on.”



According to Stomp, the police have disclosed that a 44-year-old woman is assisting police in investigations.

It is however unclear whether the woman is the culprit in the video.

Moral of the story

Always keep track of your own possessions. If you don’t, who’s going to?

And as my dear mum put it:

“Don’t wait until you lose it then come crying. You cry until the whole house flood I also won’t buy a new one for you.”

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