Woman in Quarantine Watched Her Dog Ripped Her House Apart Helplessly Through Her Surveillance Camera

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A woman by the surname of Liu, hailing from Xi’an, China, watched with dread on her home’s surveillance camera as her pet dog ripped through the interior of her house as she was quarantined for 14 days.

Here’s what happened.

Arrangements for the Dog during her Quarantine

According to the woman’s account to Houlang News, she had prepared enough food and water for the dog because she was not allowed to bring the dog with her for the self-isolation period.

On the first day, the dog seemed rather upset because of her departure. It merely sat at the front door, awaiting its owner’s return.

But Ms Liu’s nightmare started on the second day, where her dog became agitated to the point where it started gnawing into her nice grey sofa.

Image: bilibili.com

The upbeat and loud music complementing the chaos in the video below really doesn’t help matters either. 

The video dated on 17 January shows all sorts of items strewn on the ground—papers, boxes, a basket, the internal cushioning of the sofa—as well as the opened closet and drawers that the dog was rummaging through.

In Ms Liu’s words, she said: “Every single day, it was tearing up the house. Every single day, it was destroying a new item. Almost everything in the house is broken now.”

Perhaps the worst part of this entire ordeal is that this surveillance camera only shows one perspective of her house. It would be hard to fathom what destruction lies behind and around the house, to say nothing of the other rooms.

To all those destroyed items, I bid you farewell, for you have clearly seen better days.

You have served your purpose in maybe soothing the aggravations of the dog temporarily.

Ms Liu seems cognizant of this fact as she added that she will have to start buying new furniture to replace the ones her dog had destroyed.

Although Ms Liu felt “desperate” witnessing her dog’s behaviour, its constant activity was a sign that it was healthy at least.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Some netizens have commented on her video, stating that her dog might be exhibiting destructive tendencies because of separation anxiety.

They were even telling her not to discipline the dog when she got home, because the dog couldn’t control its own impulses.


Her story has also incited some Weibo users into suggesting that pets should be allowed to go along with their owners into quarantine.

Others have even asked if there was a pet volunteer program or a government agency that could step in to care for the animals left behind by their owners in quarantine, since it is certainly a better solution than watching this situation unfold again in other households.

At this point, I’m just praying for Ms Liu’s house, because her quarantine started on 5 Jan, and having 13 days’ worth of destruction to come home to is not an ideal way to start her new year. 

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