Woman Proudly Showed Off her ‘Rules’ for FDW But It Backfired Online Instead


Another woman is getting called out online for her extreme actions to control her foreign domestic worker.

According to AsiaOne, a woman shared on social media an extensive list of ‘rules’ that she wrote for her foreign domestic worker to follow.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by @Sgfollowsall on Thursday (26 May).

Rules Include No Use of Phone during ‘Working Hours’

For those who have a hard time reading what was written, here is the list transcribed below:

  1. No using of phone during working hour unless we (employers) call you;
  2. Do not open door to strangers;
  3. Do not go out the house without permission;
  4. Always keep the house clean;
  5. Bath after you cook, finish housework, and before you sleep. Twice a day;
  6. Only use phone when kids are asleep (1 hour usage);
  7. Do not lock your room;
  8. Do not waste electricity/water;
  9. Sleep latest by 9:30pm/10:00pm and wake up by 7:00am (to be adjusted once baby is out);
  10. Maintain personal hygiene;
  11. Only stay at the area where camera(s) are at when we are not at home unless when bathing or doing housework;
  12. Do not (use) the aircon without permission

(At this rate, it’s not an exaggeration that even the common household pet have more freedoms compared to this maid.)

The video also included a caption from the woman boasting how it took her 45-minutes to come up with the list of ‘rules and regulations’.

Besides the list of rules, the video also captures a list of chores the maid is required to complete on the daily that totalled up to ten tasks.

This was followed by a brief showcase of a calendar that emphasised the list of chores the foreign domestic worker had to complete for the month of June.

Netizens Flamed Woman and her List of Demands

Fellow Singaporeans have voiced out their opinions over the woman’s actions.

Some have commented that the domestic helper is treated more like a ‘slave’ and stressed that this was work and not ‘national service’.

“She’s a maid, not a slave,” said one comment on the Instagram post.

Others have also commented that it seems like the law as opposed to a list of rules and regulations.

However, some defended the woman by saying that the worker is paid to do the list of work here after all.

The post has since garnered over 1,800 likes on Instagram.

Foreign Domestic Workers Only Allowed to Perform Household Duties

The final point that drew the ire from netizens was the woman insinuating that the foreign domestic worker in question had to do ‘cold calls’ while at work.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Manpower on 30 March, 2017, it was stated clearly what a hired foreign domestic worker can or cannot do.


Foreign domestic workers are only allowed to do household chores and other domestic duties assigned by their employers.

In 2017, it was reported that close to 60 percent of maids hired in Singapore were exploited. These workers were not only subjected to low pay but also physical and verbal abuse from their employers.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@Sgfollowsall)