Woman Uses Fitness Corner In Tampines As Her Own Service Yard To Dry Her Bedsheets


Innovation is certainly a good thing.

Innovative ideas that inconvenience others, however, aren’t necessarily a good thing.

And it’s certainly so for this Tampines resident, whom has taken to using a fitness corner to dry her bedsheets.

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While you can’t help but applaud her creativity, you also can’t help but be like…

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What happened?

Stomper Vino first witnessed this two months ago.

Since then, he has seen the fitness corner equipment at Tampines Ave 1 being covered with bedsheets several times. The most recent was on 18 Jan at around 10:00 a.m., when he saw her drying her bedsheets for the sixth time.

The woman was seen carrying two baskets and taking care of the bedsheets at the fitness corner in photos and a video that Vino sent.

Image: Stomp

“A few residents actually went to talk to the lady a while back,” Vino told Stomp.

But it seems nothing has changed.

“Residents cannot utilise the fitness corner due to her selfish act,” added Vino.

You can watch the video here.


Netizens were generally enraged at the act.

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Although one chose to be witty about it.

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And one even lauded her for her creativity.

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This is not the first time such a thing has happened

On 6 January, it was reported on Stomp that a similar incident occurred at a fitness corner at Queen’s Road, where pieces of clothing had allegedly been spread out on benches to dry.

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While it’s a creative and somewhat effective way to dry your bedsheets, it’s still not advisable because

  1. The fitness corner’s primary function isn’t exactly to dry bedsheets
  2. People can’t exercise properly with a drying lady around
  3. It’s just inconsiderate

So practice some consideration, before the town council hops in.

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