Woman’s GrabFood Pickup Order Went Through But Eatery Had Already Closed Down

Imagine ordering a meal for pickup and excitedly heading down to the store to grab it only to get siked and find out that the store has closed down.

It sounds so farfetched that it would probably never happen.

Especially on popular food delivery platforms like GrabFood.

But it did.

TikTok user, mainetaiko, uploaded a video on Tuesday (13 September) that showed her waiting outside a dismantled store for her pick-up order, confused on where her favourite cafe was.


the fact that my order went through-

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The TikTok video on the incident has amassed over 116,300 views and 7768 likes.

How It Happened

The TikTok user placed her order on 13 September for Ice Edge Cafe at Simon Plaza through GrabFood.

She recalled that the process was like any other order on the platform. There were no mentions of how the store had closed down and she was still able to add items into her cart.


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“Everything went by smoothly,” she said in an explanation video that she posted on Wednesday (14 September).

But she did, however, notice something off when she was placing her order.

She was told that her order would be completed in 10 minutes. While it was a good thing, cafe orders for meals would usually take around 20 minutes to prepare.

She thought no mind of it and assumed that it was just a small glitch so she went ahead to place her order.

Bad idea though.

When she arrived at her destination for pick-up, she found out that the cafe had closed down and the store was already being dismantled.

At this point, she gave up and started searching around the area for other options for her dinner.

What’s worse is that the user had already paid for her meal.

Thankfully, the cafe reached out to her not long after and explained that they had actually closed their grab services already and were confused as to why her order went through.

The TikTok user has sent a report to Grab and is currently waiting for their response.

Let’s hope that Grab doesn’t disappear on her as well.

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Featured Image: TikTok (mainetaiko)