False Ceiling Collapsed in Woodlands Dormitory After Thunderstorm, Injuring 2 Migrant Workers

Due to the stormy weather on Sunday (25 Sep), the false ceiling in North Coast Lodge Dormitory collapsed, causing two residents to sustain minor injuries.

The dormitory is a 10-minute drive away from Woodlands Checkpoint.

The Collapsed Ceiling

In a short 15-second video that has been circulating on the Singapore Incidents Facebook page, pieces of the collapsed ceiling can be seen strewn all over the dorm room.

Part of the ceiling is still hanging from the ceiling beams, half detached.

While the camera pans around the room, the affected occupants are packing away their things, stepping over the rubble, or standing at the side to take in the damage.

In the background, the storm continues to rage.

The workers are probably thinking that they can build a better ceiling than this. They would be right too.

MOM’s Response

In response to media enquiries, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said that the false ceiling in one of the seven rooms at North Coast Lodge Dormitory had collapsed because of “heavy rain and strong winds”.

Two other rooms have also sustained damage from mild water leakage.

The MOM said that Forward Assurance and Support Team officers have been dispatched, and that the ministry is working with the dorm operator to support the affected residents.

The migrant workers’ well-being, from food availability, hygiene maintenance, and possible medical care and remittance needs will be looked after.

Although two workers were injured in this incident, their minor cuts have been treated and they do not require any counselling help. 

For the time being, the 100 residents in the affected rooms have been relocated to other rooms while the repairs are underway.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Incidents)