S’pore Car Allegedly Used Bus Lane in Causeway & Ignored M’sia Police

When people are rushing, they tend to forget about certain aspects of the law.

Bus lanes, for example, is one road law that people tend to forget and it can lead to hefty fines.

Recently, a Singapore-registered car was stopped by the Malaysian traffic police for using the bus lane along the Singapore-Malaysia Causeway.

Apparently Ignored Malaysia Police

The incident which took place on the evening of 23 Sep was captured on video by an on-looker who was stuck in the jam.

At the beginning of the video, a Malaysian police officer can be seen talking and gesturing to the man in the car.

After moving to the side of the vehicle for a short while, the car decided to ignore the police and inched forward, prompting the Malaysian police officer to shout and signal angrily at the driver.

In the commentary by the person who captured the video, she said that the customs should provide the officer with more backup and sympathises with the toughness of the officer’s job.

Stopped by ICA Officers

After a few moments of the Malaysian police officer apparently reprimanding the driver, the video jump cuts to show the vehicle being stopped by Immigration and Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) officers instead.

During the short duration of that segment, it can be seen that one ICA officer was talking to the driver through the window while the other officer was talking through the walkie-talkie.

The fate of the driver is currently unknown.

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Officer Praised by Netizens

In the comments section of the video, many Netizens praised the police officer for being composed and nice.

One comment mentioned that the driver is lucky not to be arrested on the spot.

It is not known what are the exact kind of fines or punishment there are for using the bus lane on the Causeway, or ignoring the officer’s instructions.

However, it is known that on 2 June, a Singaporean man apparently got fined RM500 for driving through the bus lane on the causeway.

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Featured Image: YouTube (ROADS sg)