Wow, There’s a Secured Bicycle Parking Facility That Has… Parking Fees

If we tell you that there’s a secure underground parking system for bicycles, would you use it?

Cause’ apparently there’s one in Singapore right now, called SecureMyBike and it opens today (5 January).

Image: LTA Facebook Page

It is Singapore’s 1st fully automated underground bicycle parking system and you can try it for FREE this month (till 31 January only).

According to LTA, this new facility can hold over 500 bicycles in individual storage cells underground, so your precious bike will be sheltered from bad weather. More importantly, you can bid goodbye to bicycle theft and possible vandalism.

Image: LTA Facebook Page

How to sign up?

For first time users, you can register in stores at Kampung Admiralty, #01-16, located behind Blk 676B’s lift to receive a PIN on your phone.

Then just sign in with your mobile number and pin at any of the 3 kiosks located at Blk 676A and Blk 676B. Park or retrieve your bicycle after that! As easy as eating KFC.

Image: LTA Facebook Page

SecureMyBike is located next to Admiralty MRT station, talk about convenience. Here’s a map to help you navigate your way if you’re unsure:

Image: LTA Facebook Page

What are the fees like?

As mentioned earlier, the fee from now till 31 January is FREE. From 1 February to 30 April, it will cost you $22/month or $0.25/hour.

To break down the costs, that’s about $0.73 cents per day (spread across 30 days) and $2.50 (for a 10-hour period) respectively. That’s not too bad, isn’t it? But just take note that this is still the discounted rate.

From 1 May onwards, the cost will increase to $48/month and $0.45/hour. After doing the math, that’s about $1.60 per day (spread across 30 days) and $4.50 (for a 10-hour period) respectively.

Image: LTA Facebook Page

If you’re going for the long-term, then obviously the monthly fee would do lesser damage to your wallet. But if you don’t frequent Kampung Admiralty that often, then there’s really no point in using the system.

With that said, if you’ve been using the existing racks for years now and nothing bad has happened, here are some measures suggested by the police you can take to avoid theft of your bike in the near future:

  • Park your bicycle at a public place with CCTV monitoring.
  • Secure your bicycle to a permanent structure and use a good quality lock such as a U-lock.
  • Ensure all removable bicycle components are secured.
  • Make permanent identification marks like engravings on your bicycle.

Or just get a FREE bicycle security label – a label that comes with a unique serial number that helps you and the police to identify your bike (if stolen).

Image: SPF Facebook Page

You can head down to the nearest Neighborhood Police Centre (NPC) to collect that label.

Best thing: There’s no limit to the number of bicycles you can bring for labeling. Just don’t bring your motorized bicycles because all LTA approved ones already come with a unique serial number.

That’s all from me. Anyone gonna try this system? Let us know your experience!

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