Yesterday & Today, SingPass & CorpPass Were Down for a Few Hours. Here’s What You Should Know


Most of us might have experienced this before:

Getting locked out of the house.

Be it you forgot your keys or you lost them, the struggle is there and it’s real.

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Those hours waiting at the stairs for your family member of locksmith to arrive are plain torturous.

And if you have an assignment or project to submit, then really GG liao lorh!

Just yesterday (8 Feb), both SingPass and CorpPass services were down for a few hours.

And it doesn’t help that these two services are basically vital to our daily lives, just like how a house caters to our daily needs.

How’s a company going to pay its CPF? How are NSmen going to book their IPPT?

According to Channel NewsAsia, both services have been unavailable since 11am.

As of 4pm, the SingPass website displayed a message informing users that it’s in the process of a “system maintenance” and is temporarily unavailable due to a “technical glitch”.

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SingPass added that it was “working to restore the service within the next two hours”.


The CorpPass website also attributed the failure to a “technical glitch”.

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What netizens say

We’ve got an agitated netizen here, but for a very good reason, seeing as to how moving towards becoming a ‘Smart Nation’ is our next goal!

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Err…this is getting too technical for me. If you want to read up more on this comment and its replies, click here.

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As of 5.15pm, both services were brought back on track, and the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) stated that it was “not a cybersecurity-related issue”.

So don’t worry, we’re not getting invaded.

A GovTech spokesperson said: “Some users of SingPass and CorpPass may have encountered intermittent access since late morning today.”

“This was caused by a server fault and the system has been fully restored at 5.15pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to users.”

In other words, it’s not hacked.

Latest update

Well, seems like they’ve got the ‘breakdown disease’, whereby one disappointment leads to another.

Just this morning (9 Feb), both services are down again, affecting up to hundreds of vital government services.


According to The Straits Times, those who tried to access the services starting from 11am faced either an error message or delays in loading the pages.

At the point of writing, GovTech is still trying to recover the system.

Smart Nation? Well.

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