61YO Claimed He Was Conned for Paying $1,770 Package in Yishun Hair Salon


If there’s one thing that the beauty industry in Singapore’s no stranger to, it’s hard selling.

And a recent case might even make you feel like your own wallet has bled a little.

Man Claimed He Was Conned Through $1,770 Package 

According to Shin Min Daily News, a 61-year-old man visited a hair salon in Yishun on 5 February to get his hair cut and dyed.

However, he left with a much heftier bill than he expected – $1,770.

Definitely not what I’d be forking out for a haircut, that’s for sure.

Also, is it because it’s in Yishun?

But wait, there’s more.


While he was getting his hair dyed, the staff suggested some treatment packages for his scalp, which he agreed to as well.

The Package

The package he was allegedly coaxed into signing consisted of 15 haircuts, 15 hair dye appointments and ten scalp treatments.

He claimed that he was not informed about the cost of the package until he was at the cashier, and he was then told that he could pay the fees in two instalments.

“I thought it was ridiculous, but my phone was running out of battery, and there were other customers waiting in line, so I hastily paid $941,” he explained.

He also used $95 worth of CDC vouchers to pay for the package after being told that the vouchers were accepted there, although the salon staff told him afterwards that they did not receive them.

Upon reaching home, the man thought about the amount he paid for again and told his family about it, believing that he had been conned.

After his niece, who also works in the same industry, heard about the incident, she felt that the fees charged were unjustifiable.

The uncle-niece duo then went back to the salon to confront the owner.

The Aftermath

After being confronted, the salon refused to refund the man, saying that there was no reason to do so.

The salon owner explained to reporters that the man was informed of the price of the packages before signing them, completely opposite to what the man claimed.

She also added that the staff only suggested the packages after he told them that he frequently cuts and dyes his hair. The man also lived near the salon, which was also another factor that prompted the staff to recommend the packages.

Regarding the CDC vouchers, the owner clarified, “I did not receive the amount from the vouchers on that day, but I got it the next day.”

Regarding the refund, the owner still firmly insisted that she could not refund what he had paid from the first instalment, but could waive the amount from the second one that he had not paid yet.

“The money can be used to exchange for some products from our shop; he’s also welcome to come back for a haircut, but I’m worried he’ll feel awkward,” she added.


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As the conflict escalated, the police were called to help settle the situation.

Additionally, the man also lodged a complaint to the Consumers Association of Singapore.

However, the owner also said that the duo was extremely hostile when confronting her, and said that they wanted to “ruin her business”.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News

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