Taxi Nearly Hit Same Motorcycle Twice in Less than a Minute


A Trans-cab taxi driver overtook a motorcycle twice in less than a minute, and only narrowly avoided a collision.

Here’s what happened.

Taxi Cutting Sharply In Front of Motorcycle with No Signalling

Dashcam footage from another vehicle starts by showing the taxi and the motorcycle in the same lane, at a junction near the end of Yishun Avenue 11.

Oh, it’s Yishun again. 

Both vehicles turned right onto Yishun Central, and the motorcycle was ahead of the taxi.

The taxi speeds up and tries to overtake the motorcycle, but was prevented as there was another car in the right lane. However, the taxi speeds up suddenly after the vehicles go over a hump, and narrowly cuts in front of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle overtook the taxi further down Yishun Central. The taxi then caught up again and swerved out to overtake the bike.

The driver cut sharply in front of the motorcycle to make a left turn. You can see the motorcyclist managing to brake on time, thus narrowly avoiding a collision.

There seems to be no signalling by the taxi driver throughout this entire incident.

Netizens’ Response

Many commenters labelled the taxi driver’s driving as impatient, reckless, and dangerous. They called for the driver’s license to be suspended, or even revoked for such dangerous driving.


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Some also said that the taxi driver seemed to be triggered that the motorcycle was driving relatively slowly in front of him. Nevertheless, he should not have driven so recklessly even if he was in a rush.

Fellow bikers in the comments said that if they encountered this kind of driver who seem to be rushing, they won’t overtake him after getting cut the first time. They all agreed that they’d rather let the taxi go first than put themselves in danger.

As of now, Trans-cab has not commented on this incident.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante)