Yotel @ Jewel Changi Airport Now Charging $80/4-Hour Stay Or $140/Night

Image: YotelAir

Whether you’re a tourist or a Singaporean, chances are that you’ve been stuck in an airport before with hours to spare before your flight.

If you really need to recharge in between flights, there are a few options:

  • The airport lounges
  • An airport hotel
  • Sleeping uncomfortably anywhere, and hoping you have a neck pillow with you so you don’t need to buy an overpriced one at the airport.
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The best option, however, is always a bed.

The problem with that is that since airports are literally built for tourists, airport hotels are usually overpriced and/or only cater to those staying overnight.

Which is why most of us usually end up with option three, plus a headache and possibly a neck ache too.

All this is set to change with Jewel Changi Airport’s YotelAir

Opening on 12 April 2019, Guests can choose to either stay overnight or in 4-hour blocks at the airport hotel.

The Space

Image: YotelAir

Their cabins, as Yotel calls their rooms, look luxurious and extremely comfortable. Guests can choose from either Premium Queen Cabins or Family rooms.

Designed with the busy, tired traveller in mind, their cabins are fully furnished with free wifi, flat-screen TVs, ensuite bathrooms with rain showers, pull-out workstations, and multiple USB and charging ports.

The bathrooms look clean and minimalistic, but sufficiently furnished at the same time.

Image: YotelAir

Although small, the cabins smartly employ the use of mirrors to make the small space look pleasantly spacious.


Guests get unlimited access to the hotel’s Komyuniti, a multi-functional space featuring a gym, workspace and cafe.

Image: YotelAir

Not planning to stay but just want to freshen up?

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If you just need a shower, you can book the shower cabin for just $20 an hour.

Guests can view Jewel Terminal’s Canopy Park and Rain Vortex from the Club Lounge if they choose to relax and rejuvenate there.

Pricing Promo

YotelAir is having a promotional rate where guests can stay at just S$80 for 4 hours with an additional charge of $25 for every additional 2-hour block.

The $80 for 4-hour deal applies only to the Premium Queen Cabins.

Premium Queen Cabin Rooms are also available at $140 per night.

You can book your stay through there website here.

What is Yotel?

Yotel is a UK-based hotel group that has smart, minimalistic hotels around the world including New York, Boston, Glasgow, Edinburgh and now Singapore.

They specialise in small, but fully-furnished cabins that provide guests with exactly, and only, what they need.

What Else Can You Do At Jewel Terminal

While you’re already at Jewel Terminal, Changi Airport’s latest terminal set to open in April, why not check out these other awesome features too:

Canopy Park

Image: Jewel Changi Airport

A 14,000 sqm recreational space featuring nature walks and a mirror maze.

Rain Vortex

Image: timeout.com

The world tallest indoor waterfall at 40m high.

Shiseido Forest Valley

Image: greatnewplaces.com

A lush green sanctuary in the heart of the terminal

Other than these specific attractions, there are also art installations and plenty of food places to explore to your heart’s content.

Among many other eateries, be sure to drop by Singapore’s first Shake Shack and the returning A&W!