You’ll cry if you’ve thrown away silica gel bags, because here’re 7 uses for them

You would definitely have seen these bags lying around in the house, or even everything you buy new clothes or even electronics. These little paper sachets contain silicon dioxide, which are a powerful form of drying agent. We usually throw them away after excitedly unwrapping our new purchases, but did you know that there are actually quite a lot of uses for them?

Prevent mold and bacteria.
If you are a gym fanatic, throw them in your gym bag or shoebag. They dry out the surrounding air and hence, get rid of moisture that encourages bacteria growth and the resulting odours.

Dry out wet clothes.
Of course, it’s not practical to dry all your clothes when you only have a limited supply of these bags. When you are on vacation, bring a few of these bags along. They help to dry out your swimsuits when ziplocked together, so that your swimsuits don’t smell like rotten marine waste when you take them out at home.

Save your phone.
If you have ever dropped your phone into water (like a pool or toilet bowl), then you will know the pain that seizes your heart. Some people have suggested using rice to soak up the moisture, but these silica gel bags are much more effective at it. Fill a bowl with these bags and place your phone in the middle.

Store your luggage safely.
Most of us only travel once in a while, so suitcases can rapidly accumulate moisture inside. Extend the life of your suitcases by throwing the bags inside.

Save old photos.
Old photos tend to stick together due to moisture in the air. Place a stack of old photos in a box together with a few of these bags to prevent them from getting ruined.

Protect your jewelry.
Jewelry often rust and get tarnished due to moisture. Put them in your jewelry box or drawer to keep your accessories pristine and shiny.

Prevent razor blades from rusting.
Since we usually store the blades in the bathroom, they are always exposed to the moist air inside. Place your razor blades in container with these bags to dry out the air around them.

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