YouTube is Now Filled with Fake Results of World Cup Matches That Haven’t Taken Place

Youtube is known for many things: videos, live streams, and, most recently, Youtube Shorts (its response to TikTok).

Well, Youtube has just come up with a new invention: time travel. 

Apparently, it can now see the future with its World Cup predictions. 

YouTube is Now Filled with Fake Results of World Cup Matches That Haven’t Taken Place

As the World Cup progresses into its ending stages, it’s hard not to be excited about the matches. 

After all, we’ve waited so long already.

For those that can’t wait another minute, Youtube is now filled with the early previews of these matches. 

Argentina vs Croatia? Or maybe France’s match excites you more? 

Don’t worry; Youtube has got you covered. 

The catch? It’s all fake. It’s all a ruse to bait your click. It’s all a scam to reap the profits of ad revenue. 


These channels have gotten smart in their scams. By adding in commentary and footage of fans cheering, they make it seem so much more believable.

In total, more than three million viewers were duped into clicking these fake football videos.

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Fake vs Real

So, how do you spot it? 

Firstly, if the date of the match and the fact that it hasn’t  actually occurred doesn’t already throw you off, try looking closely at the players’ faces. 

Most of these videos turn out to be gameplays from the FIFA 23 video game, so the characters’ faces will look like a distorted, unrefined version of themselves. 

Also, look out for their uniforms. If the videos aren’t gameplays, they might be a recorded version of the team’s past matches. In this case, the team uniform might differ from their World Cup uniform. 

Also, if their uniforms change halfway through the video, then it’s a smoking gun. 

Some videos even show the players in their club uniforms, not their country’s!

In addition, pay attention to the commentary. Some players’ names might be called, but they aren’t even playing in the actual world cup, which means that the match is just one of the team’s past matches. 

Last but not least, if you’re still clueless, just read the comments section. When so many people say it’s fake, it probably is. 

Even if you love soccer, don’t be a sucker. 

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Featured Image: Youtube