England Players Broke Their Promise of Adopting a Stray Cat in Qatar Only If They Won the World Cup


After their 1-2 loss to France in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the team is returning to England with a new type of tea. 

A kit-tea. 

England Players Adopt Stray Cat From Qatar

In Qatar, England defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones made a feline companion: a stray tabby cat. 

Naming it Dave, they had plans to bring him home had they won the World Cup. However, sometimes saying goodbyes are hard. 

Breaking their promise, the players didn’t go back empty-handed. 

They’ve decided to still adopt the cat despite not winning the competition.

On Sunday (11 December), Dave was brought to a local veterinary clinic for checkups and vaccinations. The furball will spend four months in Quarantine before flying to England to join the duo. 


Presumably, he’ll be under the care of Manchester City since his fathers both play there. If not, one of them will be keeping him.

It’s coming home. 

Dave Diaries 

According to an Instagram video by the England team, Dave was there from the very beginning. 

“Dunno, the first day we got there,” Stones said in an interview. 

Since then, he’s been collecting his nightly meals from them.

I wish I were Dave.  

As if free food wasn’t enough, Dave once got picky and didn’t finish his portion. 

“But, the other day, actually, he didn’t eat all his food, and we were a bit annoyed at him.” 

Jones said that Dave, or Big Dave, as he called him in the interview, was “getting greedy” and “getting bigger.”




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England’s Loss

On Sunday (11 December), the Three Lions fought a close battle against the defending champs. 

At Al Bayt Stadium, France got an early lead, scoring a long shot from outside the box in the 17th minute of the game. 

In the match’s second half, England’s Harry Kane tied up the scores with a penalty kick. 

However, in the 78th minute, Olivier Giroud sealed England’s defeat. 

Kane took another penalty but missed it, flushing down England’s dreams of winning. 


Well, at least they brought home something from the competition. 

Qatar? No, Cat-ar. 

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