Zoe Tay Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Attending 2 High-Profile Gatherings

Just last week we were looking at billionaire heir Kim Lim’s star-studded birthday bash which probably had a budget similar to our National Day celebrations.

Well, there’s a potential price to pay for partying these days, as COVID-19 is still making its rounds, affecting many—famous or not.

Actress Zoe Tay has tested positive for COVID-19 as of Wednesday (27 July), and she took to Instagram Stories to inform her fans and friends of the bad news.

Image: Instagram (@zoetay10)

In the Instagram story, she can be seen holding up an antigen rapid test (ART) with the indicative two lines. She also added a sticker that read “Quarantine mode on”.

While it is unclear where Zoe had contracted the virus, she did attend two large social gatherings in the days leading up to the positive test result.

She Attended Kim Lim’s Party Three Days Prior

One of the potential events is the aforementioned birthday party hosted by Kim Lim. The celebration was held in The Barrack’s Hotel at Sentosa, and was a candy-themed party to celebrate both Kim and her son Kyden’s birthdays.

The event saw a wealth of local celebrities and online personalities attending, such as Aileen Tan, Hong huifang, Xiaxue, Naomi Neo, and Zoe herself.

Beyond that, it is known that some personalities from Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand flew in to attend the event as well.

Needless to say, the opportunities for transmission were high given the number of people in attendance.

But where exactly did she catch the virus, you ask?

Image: Instagram (@zoetay10)

Well, we think that the giant plush bear that was present probably got passed around quite a bit given how irresistibly cuddly it looks. Or perhaps the ball-pit of germs from sweaty kids was the true culprit instead.

We’ll never know.

She Was Also a Wedding Guest

Two days prior to the birthday bash, Zoe attended the wedding of actress and social media personality Joanna Theng.

She is the daughter of famous ophthalmologist and business tycoon Julian Theng, and has also appeared in two Mediacorp dramas previously.

As expected, celebrities and influencers such as Edmund Chen, Chen Liping, Pan Lingling, and Jianhao Tan graced this event as well.

Image: Instagram (@zoetay10)

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Zoe Tay.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@zoetay10)