By 2023, There Could be Driverless Flying Uber & It’s Legit

Remember when Marty McFly travelled to the year 2015 in the movie, Back to the Future II and there were flying hoverboards and cars?


While that might just happen in the not-so-distant future.

The genius carpooling app, Uber will be making every 80s/90s kid’s dream a reality.

According to Channel NewsAsia, Uber is working closely with NASA to bring you flying taxis.


It will also be the first formal services contract by NASA to deal with low-altitude airspace.

NASA will come up with an air traffic control that will manage these driverless flying taxis.

NASA also mentioned that they had already signed a general agreement that allows the company to work with relevant industry partners that will help them come up with a driverless air traffic management system.

Chief Product Officer, Jeff Holden mentioned that by 2020, they hope to test the service in Dallas-FortWorth and Los Angeles, The Straits Times reported.

Cool shit!

The flying vehicle

NASA veteran, Mark Moore will be designing the aircraft vehicle. During his 32-year career, he pioneered the electric jet propulsion project which is the fundamental technology for making urban air transportation possible.

Uber has big dreams for this project—thousands of driverless aircraft over urban areas co-existing with current air traffic control systems.

For those who lack imagination, here is a video on what you can expect in the future:

If everything goes smooth, they plan to roll out this service from 2023!

So, are you excited for this? It’s back to the future, baby!

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