Kind Grab Driver Refused Payment After Understanding Rider’s Plight

Have you heard about the guy who made a rap for Grab? If you haven’t, make sure you check it out after reading this. (click here)

To be honest, sometimes we do have a lot to complain. I mean, we are Singaporeans after all.

However, Grab is in the spotlight again for something that a driver has done.

Something that made someone’s life better, and something that might make your day better.

On Dec 5, Grab driver Grace picked up a passenger at North Bridge Road.

The depressed passenger just ended a court session for her son’s hearing.

She shared with the driver that she is an unemployed single mom of 5 children, and 2 of them is in jail.

“I was sharing my life story and whatever that was happening in my life with her.”

Grace also learnt that she did not have money for lunch and the ride.

She had asked for her relative to pay for the ride at the destination.

The duo was headed for HDB hub, where the passenger will be attending a SkillsFuture computer course, hoping to be able to find a job.

When they arrived, Grace, the kind angel refused to collect the fare. Instead, she gave $40 to the passenger.

Grace asked her to use the money to buy food for her and her children.

Image: Stomp


Although Grab is basically just another money making platform, it’s heart-warming to hear about strangers helping each other out.

It is nice to know that there are kind angels out there making people’s lives better.

My heart is full.

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