McDonald’s Bringing in Nasi Lemak Burger & Chendol Ice-Cream, Because #SG52

If you time-travelled from the 1990s to 2017, you would most likely not recognize today’s McDonald’s.

From salted egg yolk burgers to Minion potatoes, McDonald’s seems to have grown up with the kids in the 90s, when it used to be all about toys, burgers and Happy Meals.

This time round, McDonald’s is offering Nasi Lemak burger.

Yeah, you’ve read it right.

Foodies are either going to rejoice with this announcement, or traditionalists are going to cry that their favourite food has now been transformed into a burger.

This combination that is made in heaven (or in hell, whichever way you lean towards) is introduced in conjunction with National Day and the Singapore Food Festival, and will be available from tomorrow (13 July 2017).

Okay, it might not be a rice burger, but it’s still close to being a burger that deserves its name: the patty is a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh, and the burger comprises Nasi Lemak’s BFF fried egg, caramelised onions and cucumber slices, complete with sambal sauce.

Now, with sambal, everything should become gold, no?

And it’s not just our nation’s favourite breakfast that has been squeezed into a burger: chendol is also being brought in this affair. There would be chendol McFlurry and three chendol ice-cream cones: chendol melaka cone, chendol melaka twist and chendol melaka chococone.

To make the meal even more Singaporean, there’re two new drinks: Bandung McFizz and Pandan Coco Frappe. Well, I can almost hear Malaysians shouting from across the causeway, saying that these foods belong to them and not us.

They shouldn’t, you know: they’ve had chendol ice-cream way before we have it.

And just so you know, to add Singapore to Singapore, there’s even criss-cut fries, which I personally think is now the new normal.

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