A Monkey is Lingering in Teck Whye But It’s the Comments That Are Funny AF

So, a monkey has been spotted in Teck Whye.

In case you have no idea where Teck Whye is, it’s the stretch of land connecting Bukit Panjang with Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Gombak and Bukit Batok.

It should come as no surprise for citizens living in the area, as this particular region is rather foresty, with places like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve just a short bus ride away.

Well, I know I am not surprised(Bukit Panjang kia here). Heck, just a few months ago, a man was injured by a wild boar near a condominium at Hillview Avenue!

Image: todayonline.com

Anyway, back on topic. On 23 Feb, a monkey was spotted scavenging for food at 112 Teck Whye Lane by Stomper Anonymous.

From the images, it would appear that the monkey was going through the trash for food.

Image: stomp

Here’s a chart, courtesy of AVA, regarding what to do should you encounter a monkey.

…Well, that’s about it. There’s really nothing else I can say about this. Whatever the case, please stay away from the monkeys and don’t disturb them!

More importantly, don’t feed the monkeys! (Unless you want them to keep coming back to the area)

Hmm, let’s take a look at the comments section(Hey, I need to hit the word count).

Image: imgflip.com

…Ooooh boy. The comments section is full of people guailan-ing their friends. I burst out laughing when I read the first comment.

Image: picsmine.com

But seriously though, this is what friends are for, right? Maybe you should share the post and tag your friends in it! See how they’ll react once they see it! (It’ll probably be something like the user I censored in red LOL)

Here’s the post for you to play around if you wanna.

Hmm, I really missed the food outside of camp when I was serving NS.

…yeah, we were like a bunch of bald monkeys scampering around for food on our book-out day.

That being said, please give the animals their space also lah. Don’t disturb them when they are eating unless you want them to bite you or something!

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