SAF Has New PT Shoes & They Look So Gorgeous, I’m Looking Forward to ICT

For the first time, I’m looking forward to my next ICT.

No, it has nothing to do with catching up with old friends during a paid chalet now, but it has everything to do with this.

Image: Facebook (Ng Eng Hen)

For the millionth time, SAF is changing their PT shoes. Again.

For the uninitiated, PT shoes stand for “physical training” shoes, and they’ve given to us for our PT training, like running or whatnot. We’re only given one pair during our enlistment, but we can buy more from eMart outlets after that.

I’m not exactly a lao peng (old soldier), but throughout my years, both active and reserve, I’ve lost count of the number of PT shoes I’ve bought: I started off with a New Balance one, then Brooks, then more New Balance ones, then some Asics ones, then some Adidas one…

And now, this new one takes the cake. At least, based on its looks.

Just look at the Adidas version: don’t you agree that you can apparently wear it out for clubbing? While I understand the striking colours are meant to be visible when you’re jogging at night, it doesn’t hurt to wear it to a party, too.

These models are exclusive only to SAF, so if you’re serving in the SPF or SCDF, well, get your friends from SAF to buy it for you!

From the images, it looks like the New Balance one is made for durability, while the Adidas one is made for Instagram performance.

Image: Facebook (Ng Eng Hen)

Guess I know what I’ll be spending on for my next ICT for my credits. Definitely not the new boots, and definitely an Adidas.

Because if you can’t do well for your IPPT, you’ve got to look well for it.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Ng Eng Hen)

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