SCDF Regular Openly Broke Up with NTUConfessions Girl & Here’s Why We Think It’s All Troll

Yesterday, an anonymous lady became the most hated woman in Singapore when she posted a confession in Facebook Page NTU Confessions, claiming that she was ashamed of her boyfriend who has signed on to be a SCDF Senior Officer.

Lest you’ve a memory of a goldfish, here’s what she has written:

Image: NTU Confessions Page

Tl;dr version: she looks down on SCDF, and everyone, including one of our writers, got so fired up that we had to respond logically.

The post, shared over 2.2K, has even given birth to new confessions from anonymous contributors that are as long as an article.

Image: Facebook (NTU Confessions)

In a fashion that is just so remotely familiar, our dear SCDF officer decided to reply.

Image: Facebook (NTU Confessions)

Lest you can’t read it, here it is:

“I am the guy in question from this confession #NTUConfessions22475.

I know we had disagreements about my career path. But I never knew till today that you though of my career as a “low class job”

I never knew that saving people is a low class job

I never knew my actions to determine life or death is low class

I never knew that getting my hands dirty is low class

I am shocked my your immaturity. I know your parents already do not like me because they are considered “elites”

I am disgusted by your words, and the comments on the posts are right, I should end the relationship

Enjoy your ivory tower you pampered princess. I hope you do not suffer the fate of Prince Joffrey from GOT because he is exactly like you. Spoilt, full of hate and everything has to go your way.

I can’t even wear my SCDF singlet IN MY OWN HOUSE AND YOU HAD THE AUDACITY TO THROW IT ALL AWAY? Christ sake, I really hope i don’t have to meet you in your time of need.

Goodbye, it was nice at the start but it got very heavy quickly. I’m surprised it lasted 2 years”

Pretty sure I can hear some claps, but then again, let’s go back a few more months and reminisce on a good old confession story.

Somewhere last year, in September 2016, another “saga” occurred, this time by an NUS undergraduate who was torn between a rich guy and a poor boyfriend.

It then turned out that the lady who “confessed” was the gold digger’s best friend who wanted to get back at the gold digger for being materialistic. Her jealousy led to her being blocked in social media by the gold digger.

Confused so far? Don’t. Because it was a saga with no names, no nothing—it sounds so much like a Channel 8 drama, I won’t be surprised if it’s being adapted into a new drama.

So, this time around, almost exactly 12 months later, this new saga occurred. You know, like House of Cards which has a new season every year.

And we’re pretty certain it’s just a good story for us to talk about during lunch break. Turns out that we’re not the only one who thinks so.

Image: Facebook (NTU Confessions)

Here’s why.

Reason #1: No one in their right mind would post something like this online

Legit enough? This is almost common sense; even if you think the girl doesn’t have it, she would have expected strong responses, or that her boyfriend would have seen it. You don’t need common sense to know the power of the Internet: as a millennial, that is akin to breathing.

Reason #2: The boyfriend won’t have ended the relationship on a confessions page

Now, if the boyfriend had been frustrated by the remarks, and they have been together for two years, would that really have caused the break-up? I mean, if they’ve been together for two months, that would have been acceptable,

But breaking up over some random Internet ranting that could be fake even when they’ve been together for two years?

I call BS on that.

Our Conclusion

It’s yet another good story meant to stir up some emotions. And let’s face it: it’s one hell of a good story.

Still, nice try. The troll is real.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force) & Facebook (NTU Confessions)