The Science on Why Some People Get Drunk So Fast While Others Never Get Drunk


When you go out for Friday night drinks with your office pals, there’s almost one thing you’ll notice. You’ll find yourself seeing two kinds of fellas in the crowd.

One is a bottomless pit – no matter how much he drinks, can never get drunk one. Hit 3 Graveyards, 10 tequila shots, 5 whiskeys and 5 beers also like nothing happen one.

And then there’s your other friend. Take 2 beers and slurring already. If he has two more, he’ll be lying flat on the couch.

Have to drag his sorry ass to the cab and then lug him up all the way to his apartment, and then who gets the firing in the end from his mom or wife?

Poor you.

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But how come leh, some people can tahan so much of alcohol, but others just cannot?

It’s one of the mysteries of the universe that we always wanted to know but are lazy to Google because there are more interesting stuff online.

We did some research and found out there is some reasoning behind the level of tahan-ness in a drinker.

Here’s what you’d want to know.

These Factors Count

Here’s one – if you’ve got a smaller build, the chances of your blood’s percentage of alcohol increasing as you up your consumption would cause you to get drunk faster.

And while this might seem a bit sexist, and we know a bunch of ladies there who can really, really hold their drinks, women are less likely able to tahan alcohol. Wait, wait, please read first.

As an average woman’s body has a higher percentage of body fat based on their natural build compared to a man’s, so their body is less likely able to handle alcohol as there’s a bigger chance of alcohol circling up their body’s blood levels.

And then there’s the age factor. The older you get, the lesser your body’s water percentage. This affects the blood-alcohol-water dilution levels in your system as you drink.

Did you know that the factor of practice makes perfect also applies in drinking alcohol? The more often you intake alcohol, the more your body realigns itself to it.

This also explains why people who drink on special occasions tend to get high faster compared to those who drink almost every other week!

Hmm… So which category are you in? You might want to rethink drinking on a whole, as it does mess up your body’s natural working system. Sure, a weekly glass of wine, liquor or beer won’t hurt.

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But in actual fact, a person’s who’s a silly, ultra-happy or moody drunk isn’t really fun to be with.

It’s just not the actual person that you’re hanging out with anymore, but the alcohol that’s doing all the walking and talking.

So, you wanna practice until you can tahan your drinks or you wanna keep it low and safe? The choice is all yours.

Now you’ve become smarter. Remember to check back tomorrow in the Goody Feed app for a new Fact of the Day!

Annette Anthony

Annette Anthony

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