TWICE is Coming to S’pore on 17 June 2018. Here’re the Deets

If you’re a TWICE fanboy, rejoice, for your goddesses are slated for a Singapore comeback in June!

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According to Bandwagonconcert promoters One Production have announced that popular Korean girl group TWICE will be returning to Singapore in June as part of their TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park tour.

Incidentally, this will be the second time TWICE performs in Singapore: the nine-piece outfit previously performed at The Star Performing Arts Centre in June last year.


And according to my friends, it was a roaring success. Although it should be, seeing how they sacrificed 1/3 of their army paycheck to catch the concert. 😉

Incidentally, the girl group will perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this time around.


Viewed as one of the top girl groups, if not the top, in South Korea, TWICE is known for producing really cheerful tracks with totally catchy tunes. Their smash hit ‘Cheer Up’, for one, earned them numerous accolades.

Apart from a strong following domestically, they also boast a large fan base internationally.

So what are you waiting for? Tag your TWICE-loving friends to share the good news right now! 🙂

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