Wah, New MRT Seats Could Tip Up Like Movie Seats

In case you’re unaware, the north-south east-west line (NSEWL) is the busiest line in Singapore’s train network.

And when it’s peak hour, that’s when train rides become unbearable.

Image: gfycat.com

So LTA is always looking for ways to ease the human congestion at train stations every chance they get.

Like switching to a new signalling system for a faster frequency of trains to giving discounted or free rides for off-peak travel.

Now, they’ve got one more trick up their sleeves.

On 28 Feb, Straits Times reported that two new trains will join the NSEWL Mrt fleet in the second half of this year.

The trains come with two additional features that will help improve rail reliability and efficiency.

Seats that fold up like in the movie theatres.


With the seats tipped up in all 12 carriages, the train will be able to take on an additional 100 passengers.

The operator of the train will decide if the seats are supposed to be tipped up or not based on the trainload.

Now, for those who are wondering if this means it’ll be a seatless train, it likely won’t be.

Assuming that the video shown above is the real train, let’s draw your eyes to something.

Image: Screengrab from Straits Times Youtube Video

There are still normal seats on the train.

It just means lesser seats to fight over, I guess.

Automatic Alerts

Also, the two trains are comes equipped with automatic alerts that’ll let you know if any of the current collector shoes dislodges.

Trains draw electricity from the third rail through the current collector shoes.

This will help the operator fix any issue quickly and minimise disruptions.

So how do you know if you’re taking the new train?

Image: Screen grab from Straits Times YouTube video

If you see this train design, then you’re taking the new one.

The two trains are part of the 12 trains which comes with these features. The remaining trains are expected to be added to the pool in 2019.


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Featured image:  Straits Times YouTube Video

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