Salty Man Wrote To Straits Times Asking Teachers To Work in Shifts Cuz Childcare Centres Shouldn’t Impose Fines

While Straits Times letters are good for the public to voice their opinions on what’s going on in Singapore, you’ve got to admit that some letters are pretty funny.

In the ridiculous kind of way.

Like the person who wants formal dress code for students in poly and uni

Or the one who says people cannot sew on train


This letter got so viral even BBC was reporting on it. You can read the full letter here.

Now, another guy has come forward with his own opinion about childcare centres charging for late pickup.

Here’s a recap of the entire incident:

So on 23 Feb, it was reported that 10% of 1,400 childcare centres charge parents money if they’re late to pick up their kids.

Some of the centres give verbal warnings before implementing the charge while others give a 5-10 minutes grace period.

Charges can add up to $60 an hour and this arrangement has reduced the number of late pickups by parents.

Of course, this would lead to parents making noise because who would want to pay more money?

Then, this guy had a brilliant idea and decided to write into Straits Times

On 27 Feb, Straits Times published a letter sent to them about the childcare situation.

And this is what he had to say.

He finds it strange that childcare centres are charging parents money for late pickups.

Doesn’t the existence of 1,400 childcare centres show that parents no longer have time to take care of their kids?

Especially now that a typical Singaporean family cannot survive with just one breadwinner.

Then he went on to add that while there are parents who pick up their kids late, it definitely isn’t done on purpose.

So he decided to offer his solution instead

Now, let me say this first, the points he brought up are pretty valid.

Parents are most likely unable to pick up their kids on time because they can’t get off work.

Not because they’re out partying or something.

But here’s his solution: get one or two childcare teachers to work a later shift, ending work about one or two hours after official closing time.


It could be just me, but hey, the fact that people are complaining about not able to get off work on time, yet you’re trying to get teachers to work late shifts?

Not cool, dude.


I mean, teachers are humans too, and they have a life after work.

And if this adds to the operation cost of the childcare centre, it’s highly likely that fees for the centres will increase.

Then the question is, is it fair to those who pick up their kids on time?

And he ends off #LikeaBoss

I totally understand that in order to be heard, you need a dramatic ending. Something that’ll make people sit up and pay attention.


But really? Implicitly calling childcare centres (and by association: the teachers and staff) dogs?

What a douchebag.

You can read his letter in full here.

What do you think? Is he making valid points or just being a self-entitled prick?

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