This Website Predicts When There’s a Jam in the Causeway During 2017 CNY Period

The yearly CNY jam will be arriving soon. Travelling across the causeway this CNY? Then you got to know this website that predicts the flow of traffic across the causeway this CNY.

The forecast is pretty accurate, given that it is based on 2016’s traffic statistics. 

1. Day before CNY Eve- 26 January 2017 (Thursday)


As Chinese New Year Eve falls on 27 Jan 2017 (Friday), most Malaysians, especially those who live further north, will choose to return home the day before on Thursday. This will cause the build up of traffic from SG to JB at both the Causeway and 2nd Link from 2 pm, so it’ll be a wise choice to set out earlier if you can!

2. CNY Eve- 27 January 2017 (Friday)


On Chinese New Year Eve, traffic flowing into JB will build up as early as 4 am. However, be rest assured that traffic will quickly subside before 7 pm as most people will already be home enjoying their Reunion Dinner. 

3. Chinese New Year- 28 to 29 January 2017 (Saturday/Sunday)


There will be generally low traffic volume into SG and MY in the morning of the 1st and 2nd day of CNY. As seen on the graphs, traffic tends to build up around noon on both sides of the border. Perhaps it might be due to Malaysians visiting SG for is tourist attractions and PRs returning home early.

4. CNY last day of holiday- 30 January 2017 (Monday)


Given that there is work the next day, Singaporeans, SPRs and Malaysians will most likely be streaming back into SG. The 2nd Link will be more affected as the bulk of people travelling back from the North of Malaysia will choose this route. Perhaps it is more time saving to use the Causeway instead on this day!

5. Day after CNY holidays- 31 January 2017 (Tuesday)


Yeap, it would be a working day and most people working in SG would have already been home the day before. However, it is common for some to take an extra day off or 2. Hence, it will account for the high volume traffic going into SG after lunch, more so on the 2nd Link.

May this forecast aid you in your plan to head to JB! 

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