10 Best 11.11 Online Places in S’pore to Make You Broke This Month

If you’ve an avid online shopper, you’ll be familiar with 11.11—if you’re not, you might just think that it’s Singles’ Day.

So, for the uninitiated, here’s what you need to know: on 11 November, there’ll be massive sales everywhere, primarily online, much like Great Singapore Sale being condensed into one day (although some shops have week-long deals).

Now that the explanation is out of the way, prepare to key in your credit card number numerous times this Friday because here are the 10 best 11.11 online shops that you really can’t miss.


Image: taobao.com
Image: taobao.com

11.11 is essentially created by Alibaba Group, and Taobao, being part of the group, will no doubt have some of the best promotions around. It gets so crazy that staff in Alibaba have set up tents in their office to work overnight, just so to meet the overwhelming demand.

And if you’ve new to Taobao, you can simply use Ezbuy’s service to purchase your items. We’ve also worked with Ezbuy to get $10 off your first purchase from there; so don’t say bojio hor!


Image: shopee.sg
Image: shopee.sg

How does a Xiaomi phone at 51% off, or an Adidas bag at 51% off, sound to you? If you’re into something mainstream, and want to shop with your phone (because the boss is watching), Shopee is for you!

On 11 November 2016, there’ll be numerous deals that can go all the way to 75% off—but the promotions are time-specific, so make sure you set your alarm and prepare your card in advance!


Image: tmall.com
Image: tmall.com

Just like Taobao, think of Tmall as a more atas version of Taobao, with the sellers primarily businesses. The massively crazy sales include Nike, iPad and Zara, and their website even promises celebrities live on their website (which doesn’t really make sense, but who cares?).

Just like Taobao, Ezbuy helps to ship the items from China to you as well, so the only worry you should have is what you should buy.


Image: Qoo10.sg
Image: Qoo10.sg

Who doesn’t know Qoo10? The giant marketplace in Singapore is having some crazy sales, from laptops to watches to even phones. Marketed as a “11.11 Grand Sale”, there’re also coupons to be redeemed and many other games that only avid Qoo10 shoppers will understand.


Image: Lazada.sg
Image: Lazada.sg

Unless you’ve never surfed a website in the last few weeks, you’ll have definitely seen Lazada’s advertisements online. Known as the Lazada Online Revolution, the promotion has started since 1 November 2016, with each day having a theme. For example, today (10 November 2016), the theme is sports and travel, with sales items up to 75% off.

But we all know it’s 11 November 2016 that is going to be crazy, and I bet the theme will be…everything. On this day, they promise discounts up to 90%–save the website, and start staying late tonight!

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Image: shopback.sg
Image: shopback.sg

Now, how can we miss out our favourite business partner, Shopback? While it is essentially not an online shop, it links online shops to you and gives you cashback for your spending. And on 11 November 2016, they even have tie-in deals with several brands, like Groupon and Foodpanda.

And to add icing to the cake, if you refer 11 people to Shopback, you earn $111. They sure take “1” very seriously this year!

And oh, did I mention that as a Goody Feed reader, you’ll also get $10 bonus? Now you know why we’re BFF?


Image: hotels.com
Image: hotels.com

If what you want is just some peace and quiet, then Hotels.com might just be right for you. Every day since 1 November 2016, there would be “doors” for you to open to unlock some discounts. For example, today (10 November 2016), the discount is an 8% off next booking with the coupon code “SINGLE10”.

But let’s face it: the best promotion will most likely be on Singles Day instead. Here’s a toast to a staycation or an excuse for a vacation!


Image: gearbest.com
Image: gearbest.com

A relatively unknown website for many Singaporeans, Gearbest offers China brand gadgets at a low price in English. This includes well-known brands like Xiaomi or Asus (which is technically in Taiwan), and also unfamiliar brands like Chuwi or Ulefone. These are perfect to be used as a back-up!

The time-based promotions promise items from $0.99 onwards with more than 80% off, and when you can get a laptop with 4G ram and Quad Core processor for merely $194.99, you know it’s a good steal.


If buying furniture from Taobao isn’t your cup of tea, then Courts is your best bet this 11 November: for a start, on 11 November 2016, you get $11 off for a minimum purchase of $111. In addition, they have prepared a Singles Day promotion, although it has yet t reveal the promotional item.

Just stay tuned in their Facebook Page (because their website is currently down for maintenance—perhaps a preparation for a massive sale?)


Image: sasa.com.sg

Firstly, don’t gong gong go to any of the brick-and-mortar outlets; the promotion is merely for their online store, and it sure is one heck of a sale. Started since 4 November 2016, it positions itself as a “Singles’ Day Beauty Specials”, with up to 75% off.

Boyfriends and husbands, keep this away from your SOs. Girlfriends and wives, you’re most welcome.

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