10 Facts About the Scoot Flight 1-Day Delay in Sydney That You Probably Want to Know


I am not a fan of budget airlines, but if I do take one, I am fully aware of what I am going to expect.

I tend to close one eye (or both eyes, and fall into a deep slumber and hope to land the moment I open them) but what happened at Sydney Airport is abysmal.

There was a flight delay of sorts by Scoot Airlines and not by an hour or so…..it was one whole day.

And I’ll be very honest here, it was handled quite badly.

If you’ve ever thought that Jetstar flight mess was bad enough, then you really need to know this.

Because this brings budget airlines to a whole new level. Whole new level of bad, I mean.

1. Flight details

According to Channel NewsAsia, Scoot Flight TR1 was scheduled to depart from Sydney Airport on Sep 30 at 1:30 pm (Sydney time).

Obviously, it didn’t.

2. What happened

However the flight was delayed due to an aircraft technical issue, the airline mentioned to Channel NewsAsia.

So they had to delay the flight while engineers onsite rectified the problem.

But that wasn’t the key issue.

3. Passengers waited for more than 4 hours

After the first announcement in regards to the delay, passengers were waiting for almost 4 hours before they were informed that the flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day.

They were told to check in at the airport for accommodation, and you could imagine, it was a bloodbath after that.

4. People waited for hours just to check in at the airport counter

Queueing might be a Singaporean culture but I can tell you, no one is ever happy doing it.

That’s why you have apps like iQueue.

It was another long wait for the passengers as they had to wait in line to check in for their accommodation.


Facebook user Myrene Hooper felt Scoot handled the situation very poorly. His two children and two grandkids were set to fly on that fight.

He wrote a lengthy post to Scoot on Facebook.

Image: facebook.com

Here’s the TL;DR:

His children and grandkids were looking forward to returning to Singapore but was told time after time that the flight was delayed.

After the first announcement, they had to wait 5 hours with no news from Scoot regarding the updated flight plans.


Then, Scoot cancelled the flight and told passengers to either go home (for people living in Sydney) or place them at Novotel.

At 5 am, the passengers were picked up from the hotel but were told that the flight was delayed. Again.

The plane was scheduled to take off at 11 am but the flight captain returned to the gate because of technical issues with the plane. Different ones from the day before.

And the worse thing was even when the stranded passengers asked for some food and drink for children, the service staff asked if they would like to buy it from them instead.

Image: giphy.com

And when his daughter tried to suggest that it’s only right for the airline to at least do that for the children, the head of crew thanked her for the suggestion.

Then dismissed it because they need to to get the plane ready for clearance.


Never fly Scoot.

5. Some waited it out at the airport

While Scoot tired to accommodate some of the residents who don’t live in Sydney, there were a handful of people who were stranded at the airport.

Facebook Chai Yieng wrote to Scoot on Facebook, after waiting for almost 4 hours, the flight was cancelled.

They were one of the last to get an accommodation, so they waited for the shuttle bus in the cold till 11:30 pm. The shuttle never came and they ended up staying at the airport.

Image: facebook.com

The passengers stranded at the airport were starving because they had no food for more than 12 hours.


And Scoot should’ve made better arrangements for stranded passengers.

He felt like he was scammed.

There were even a mother and a kid, and an elderly couple waiting in the cold night for a shuttle bus that never came.

6. Those who got an accommodation

Some were lucky to hop onto the shuttle bus and reach Novotel, the assigned hotel for the passengers.

If you thought things couldn’t get any worse…you’re in for a rude awakening.
Facebook Jeremy Teo, left a scathing account on what happened.

Image: facebook.com

You’d think if you get to the hotel, you’ll be safe, right?


There weren’t any rooms for the passengers. So he was sent to a motel where Novotel staff promised that there will be a duty manager to pay for the taxi fare.


And the arrangement of a room will be made for them.

Nobody was there and they had to return back to Novotel at 1 am.

Best part? Scoot was MIA the whole time.

7. Netizens gave their two cents as well

Image: facebook.com

8. No Facebook update or apology

I went over to Facebook to see if they did any kind of Facebook update in regards to the flight delay since the story has gone viral but there was nothing.

In fact, throughout the entire ordeal, passengers who got in touch with Singapore Airlines, Scoot’s parent airline, managed to responses. Unlike Scoot.

9) The plane finally took off after a 24-hour wait

Channel NewsAsia reported that according to Changi Airport’s website, the flight departed Sydney on Sunday at 1:33 pm and arrived Singapore at about 7:05 pm

Image: memegenerator.net

Thank god.

10) Thoughts

I mean people could say that its budget airlines, what do you expect?

I can safely say that after reading the passenger’s accounts, no one should experience this, be it a budget airline or FOC.

Those who are salty, try waiting for a shuttle bus at the airport in the wee hours with your luggage.

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