10 Most Interesting Things You’ve Got to Buy from ChocoExpress


Christmas is round the corner! For many, it’s a season of gathering and gifting.

When I was much younger, my parents would buy boxes of chocolates for the Church family during Christmas. Walking into candy stores in December has since become a tradition.

Since it’s the time of the season again, here are the 10 most interesting things you might want to get from ChocoExpress. For a change, some might not be chocolates.


1. Calbee Granola Choco & Banana 700g ($15.90)

Calbee sells my favorite chips. Wait, I thought Calbee sells all things salty like these?

Image: fairprice.com.sg

Apparently not… they have a couple of ‘sweet’ products like the granola series.


Here’s it:

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Crunchy chocolate and banana mixed with granola baked grains such as oats, rye and brown rice.

If you’re not a fan of chocolate, banana or both, there are other options for you. Consider one with maple?

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

Or if you want a healthier option, try the original with 25% less sugar.

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

They are all priced at $15.90 and a special price of 2 for $25. Just note the difference in grams.

2. Guinness Pints Stick Pack 65g ($10.90)

Alcoholics, where are you? Here’s some booze for you.

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: A combination of dark and white chocolates with a creamy Guinness beer flavored center.

It looks cool too, doesn’t it?

3. Ritter Sport Rum 200g ($8)

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Think Jamaica rum refined with hazelnut cream and wafer.

It’s okay to dance out of line after that. 😉

4. Hershey’s Cookies n Crème Pretzels 4.25oz ($5)

How can one say no to pretzels? Especially if it’s cookies and cream flavored?

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Bite-size pretzels dipped in white crème and sprinkled with cookie bits. Tastes sweet and salty so you don’t have to decide between the two.

Or if cookies is not your thing, then get classic chocolate milk drizzled with dark chocolate. Also priced at $5:

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

5. Kellogg’s Poptarts Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Latte 14.1oz ($6.50)

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Limited edition happiness.

I’m not kidding, at the time of writing, there’s only 3 left in stock online and so they don’t really bother to write a description at all.

6. Koikeya Pride Potato Roast Beef 63g ($3.50)

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Roasted beef potato chips made with lots of pride.

It’s roasted beef, friends. BEEEEEEEEEEF!

7. Coca Cola Coffee Plus 190ml ($2.70)

And after snacking so much, how about a drink?

Image: ChocoExpress Facebook Page

What you get: Best of both worlds, cola and coffee. 50% more caffeine and 50% fewer calories.


We wrote about it before. Read more here.

8. Suntory Premium Morning TRANSPARENT Milk Tea 550ml ($2.90)

Image: ChocoExpress Facebook Page

What you get: The joy of buying something out of stock. Kidding… You get a transparent milk tea that has the richness and aroma of milk tea, and a refreshing aftertaste.

It’s still out of stock at the moment. Will be back on the 3rd week of December according to ChocoExpress.

Image: ChocoExpress Facebook Page

9. Kracie Children Lunch 31g ($5)

How about something for the kids?

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: A satisfying miniature kids lunch set. Perfect for those of you who have lots of time or just want to do it for the gram’.

Watch this video to see how it’s done:


It’s candy by the way. And you need 100 buckets of patience, especially if you’re planning to do it with a kid. They will probably mess up instead. #IUnderstandThePain

There’s also the bento series:

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

10. Ritter Sport Dark Chooalate 100g ($4.50)

And there must be something for everyone, including our vegan buddies.

Try getting Ritter Sport Dark Almond Quinoa?

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Roasted whole almonds accompanied by crunchy quinoa crisps, covered in mellow, creamy dark chocolate.

Or get Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnut Amaranth?

Image: chocoexpress.com.sg

What you get: Roasted hazelnuts in half-bitter chocolate and crunchy amaranth crisps.

And there you go, 10 interesting products you can get from Choco Express. I think they have more spellbinding products in stores and limited edition goodies from time to time.

Check them out in stores or follow them on Facebook for more real time updates!

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